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Judging and Assuming the Worst in Others

Judging and Assuming the Worst in Others

Why do some people look for the worst or negative in others or in situations?  Why do people assume you are judging them?  Why are people so quick to point out their opinions and interrupt you when you are talking?  Or express such harsh points of view that are not even close to the truth instead of listening and assuming the worst.  Why are some so quick to judge instead of being open and listen to the other person to explain the situation?  Why don’t people talk to each other instead of behind the other persons back?  Why has this concept become acceptable?  What happened to compassion, integrity and respect of others?  Why do people feel the need to gossip and create drama everywhere they go?  Why are some people just so mean?  Why is there so much hostility towards one another?

What happen to kindness, patience and truthfulness?

How can we change this behavior in our personal lives and work environment?  I think one person at a time not getting sucked into this conduct by walking away or stating I’m not going to participate in this activity anymore.

Why would we want discord and upheaval in our lives?  We should want to encourage others to follow their dreams and aspirations?  When people are complacent they sometimes become miserable and angry with their situation and take it out on others.  It is time to change this demeanor and be pleasant to each other by listening and having some empathy?  How about it? Let’s live our lives with joy instead of distress! 🙂 ~ Patti

What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Judging and Assuming the Worst in Others

  1. I have come to the conclusion that some people just like having constant drama in their lives. They will say that they hate all the gossip and back stabbing, but they are usually the first ones to start the rumor.

    I would hope that people would want to have more peace in their lives, more happiness and laughter. That would make everyone, I would think, happier and their lives might just run a little smoother.

  2. I feel that this a learned behavior and once developed is very difficult to avert, but can be done with a changed environment and consist coaching.

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