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Episode 24 – Building Better Relationships with Social Media! Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti Podcast

In this podcast Episode 24 – Building Better Relationships with Social Media!

To listen to the full podcast click on the link – Episode 24 – Building Better Relationships with Social Media!

Angela and Patti discussed the hot topic of social media and how it can affect relationships.

We are concerned about how social media can cause hurt feelings, depression, addiction to social media, and comparison.

Here are some reflection questions:

❤️ What makes people feel it’s okay to post things that they would most likely never say face to face or outside of social media?  

❤️ Where does this boldness or insensitivity come from?  

❤️ Is proving your point worth all the drama and losing friendships over?

Today, we would like to explore how to manage some of those difficult behaviors. ❤️ How do we relate to social media in a healthy way? ❤️ Are you taking a break from social media because it is “too toxic?”

What do you find frustrating about social media, what makes it so toxic to you?  We love to hear from listeners if they could share what they find disappointing about social media, why not leave us a comment.

Question to the Listeners: ❤️ What are some of the things you ENJOY seeing on social media. Share in a comment and let us know.

Angela:  I love healing meditations and I share those because I love them.

Patti: I love seeing photos of families having fun together, vacation photos, travel adventures and cute positive memes.

In a previous podcast (Episode 4) we discussed going Beyond Comparison and Accepting One Self. “Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.

Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.”

Patti wrote a blog posts similar to this subject called Don’t Be That Guy!   It is about shaming someone or making them the poster child in the workplace. When someone has committed a bad behavior or done something procedurally wrong, in some organizations, they use this term “Don’t be that (Guy) Person” for humiliation or an example of what not to do. I feel this is similar to the cancel culture. In the blog post is a poll.  With this question – Is shaming an effective management strategy?

Angela will be holding gentle movement classes Come September and to be informed  SIGN UP TO HEAR ABOUT CLASSES in the link in the show notes. For me dance and movement are an authentic way to connect to myself and others.

Thank you for listening and supporting our podcast.  We would love to hear from you about this topic.  Leave us a comment or voice message on Anchor.

Here is a short audio clip of the podcast:

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Laughter in the Workplace? Why is it Important?

During these uncertain and stressful times, more then ever, we need joy in our daily lives. Whether at work or at home. A smile can change someone’s day from gloomy to joyful, showing some compassion when a coworker is at their breaking point or providing a little laughter can help everyone get through these unusual circumstances.

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts. — Madeleine L’Engle

What are the benefits of laughter in the workplace?

Laughter can lower stress and boredom, strengthen the immune system, and enhance team engagement, collaboration, creativity, and well-being. It relaxes the body and defuses conflict.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. — Victor Borge

Reflections Questions:

How can you brighten someone’s day with a little laughter?

When were some times you and your team laugh at work?

What can you do to encourage laughter in the workplace?

For more information about Becoming a Better Leader [e-Book] Click here to download your copy.

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Episode 22 – Working at Home with Family and Establishing a Flow! – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Podcast

In this Episode, Angela talks about – How to set boundaries of time and space with the family.

Click here to listen to Episode 22 – Working at Home with Family and Establishing a Flow!

Patti discusses establishing a work schedule to help you move into a flow and getting things done; working from home can be challenging, especially when the family doesn’t understand your work demands, work obligations, or time constraints with deadlines.  

Patti: Established set work hours and communicating them to family and friends. Here are the hours and days I am working this week. Another way to communicate is to post your calendar/diary on the wall/door or give family viewable access to your digital schedule that reflects availability. Another approach you can make a daily or weekly calendar post in view (maybe kitchen) or text your unavailability for that day to the whole family. There are lots of creative ways to communicate you are working and unavailable. Sit down as a family and ask them how they want you to let them know. This way, everyone is part of the decision making. Do you want a daily text or a do not disturb sign on the door?

Angela said, I found the sign really official and makes it clear for others not to knock. In my building I used to live in, we had a lot of traffic going past my front door. People who delivered parcels would knock on the front door, which would be picked up on my calls or recordings. However, the worst thing about knocking on the front door was when I was doing meditation. Sounds and knocks during meditation can actually be dangerous to your body if you are in deep meditation and give you a heart attack. That forced me to make a sign to post on my front door, “please don’t knock, meditation in progress, if possible leave parcels.” The sign also allowed some people in the building the idea to be quiet when passing the front door too (if they read the sign!) I’m going to use another sign to the door in my office at home to be really clear about meditation time or when I’m recording, as people may have no idea what you are doing in the office and the sign makes people more aware about the noise.

Angela:  When working at home with family these days, it is really valuable to look at your physical workspace. Do you have a space that’s appropriate to do your work? Do your kids have a space that’s appropriate to focus on learning? And space is not just physical like a desk; it includes sound and light. I’ve seen a lot of people being really creative with working at the kitchen bench, buying a fold away desk for the bedroom, and other bits of furniture like a screen or divider to section off spaces in the house or to create workspaces.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to really have a work space that is quiet, and people are more forgiving in these times if they hear kids and the kitchen in the background, but how does this affect you?

Are there changes you need to make without necessarily spending a lot of money, but perhaps using your house differently?

What could be something that gives you flow naturally that you need to put in your schedule to help you flow with the changes that we are now facing?

For Angela it’s definitely movement and I will be sharing some of the results of my movement classes in the coming months as I plan to share these classes for more people to discover their own natural rhythm.

You can stay in touch with Angela’s gentle movement classes by signing up to the newsletter.

For more work-life balance strategies from Patti go to

We will have this question below in our Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Facebook group relating to this episode.

We would love to see your answer to the question.

Here is a short audio clip of Episode 22

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National Workaholics Day – What Does This Mean?

Today is National Workaholics Day – July 5, 2020.

What does this mean?

This day is to raise awareness to balance work and home life by encouraging the overachievers to schedule time away from work and enjoy life outside of work demands.

What is the definition of a Workaholic? According to Wikipedia:

workaholic is a person who works compulsively. The term originates from alcoholism. The person works at the cost of their sleep, meeting friends or family. While the term generally implies that the person enjoys their work, it can also alternately imply that they simply feel compelled to do it. 

What are some ways to create a little balance in your everyday life?

  1. Do Something Fun
  2. Spend Time Loving Your Family
  3. Journal About the Good Things in Your Life
  4. Smile and Laugh Often

Celebrate Today! 🎉

  • Schedule a massage or spa day.
  • Take a slow pace walk with the family and your pet.
  • Watch a funny movie with your loved ones.
  • Plan an awesome vacation.

Working all the time will eventually lead to burnout. Take a few minutes out of your day today, do something you enjoy outside of work, and plan a getaway from work. Leave a comment on how you celebrated today. 🙂

Take it easy, enjoy today and, live life to the fullest. ~ Patti

To learn more about A Balanced Life; click on the link  21- Days Optimal Work/Life Balance Workshop.

Do you want even more work-life balance strategies? Come and join the Facebook group called Work-Life Balance with Patti

To learn more about one to one coaching with Patti – email me at:

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Episode 20 – Making Relationships Effortless! Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti Podcast

In podcast Episode 20 – Making Relationships Effortless! We share examples that stop relationships from being effortless and recommend changing those habits to welcome effortless relationships, whether in the workplace or home life. 

To listen to this podcast episode click on link Making Relationships Effortless!

Here are some highlight of the episode:

Angela – Patti when I was dancing with a group in the early 2000’s, we used to explore movement that was effortless, and we always knew when things just flowed and we would be amazed.

Then we found we couldn’t repeat that effortlessness because we started thinking about the movement instead of feeling it. We asked what habits as humans do we have that make us drop out of going with the flow. And we discovered the habits of being and thinking that interrupt our heart or force the heart to be something it’s not because you think you should be a certain way.

Angela – What I’ve learnt about effortless relationships, is from the Einstein statement:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Patti – How to Break Bad Work Behaviors:

❤️ Identify the behavior or action

❤️ Make the decision to stop

❤️ Replace the habit with something positive

Angela- Making things effortless is enhanced by not coming from old habits of thinking, because old habits of thought made things repetitive and usually stuck or fixed.  Instead – you want to come at things sideways, ask questions that take a person to a different topic or a different way of looking at a topic.

If you want more relationship tips, join our Facebook Group Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti, please subscribe and like to follow this podcast.

Is there a relationship topic you would like us to discuss on this podcast? Please email us at

If you are struggling and need someone to talk to about your home or work life challenges  Angela and Patti both have one to one coaching packages.  

Contact us at our email addresses below:

email: or schedule a time here


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Podcast Episode 19 – Reaching Midlife and Handling Life Changes (Bending Your Knees) – Building Better Relationship at Home and Work with Angela and Patti

In podcast Episode 19 – Reaching Midlife and Handling Life Changes (Bending Your Knees) Angela and Patti share about reaching midlife and handling what comes your way.

Angela tell us a little bit about the podcast title and Bending Your Knees?  

We thought about this topic a while back, but I really thought about it when I had trouble bending my knees after recovering from surgery.  It was a shock after being flexible most of life I couldn’t bend the knees easily. Everything about surgery was a shock – but also in recovery, I experienced a lot of feelings not being able to be like I used to be, and there was fear about the future and uncertainty about who I was going to become now.  

Midlife-is an important time to look at your life and see what you are not able to do. Not so that you pine about “being old” or look at the past as something that you’ve lost – although you may have a period of grieving.  

After grieving or during grieving it’s important and valuable to take stock, reflect on what results of your life thus far?  

How do you feel about your life?  

If you reflect on your life constructively, it will help get you out of the cycle of thinking and feeling you have lost something or that your life has amounted to nothing. And will help you start to REALLY see –

❤️ What is your life about?

What was the purpose of all that running around, learning, working, not working, having kids, being sick, being healthy – etc. –

❤️ What was it all for?  Bending the knee reflects flexibility – and humility. In my case, I had setbacks – such as getting a little better than getting sick or weak again. What that taught me is to do things differently to go with my needs and energy better.  Mid-life is a great time to realize, there is only so much you can do – so how can you do it better, with less energy – and less ego about how you look, how young you are – it’s also a time to measure what success for you is? Is success about how much money you have? Or is it how happy you are?  

Patti tells us aboutWhat have you found stops people embracing the possibility of change in mid-life?  

I have spoken to a lot of people who feel they are stuck in a dead-end job.  When Sunday comes around, they dread thinking about going into work the next morning.  On Monday mornings, they hit the snooze button multiple times and force themselves out of bed.  On the way to work, they push themselves with positive affirmations or the opposite with “I hate my job” self-talk.  

🦋  Do you feel like you could do your job in your sleep?  

🦋  Are there no advancement opportunities where you work?  

🦋  Do you feel hateful and resentful when you walk through your workplace?  

🦋  Do you get any acknowledgment for a job well done?  

🦋  Am I learning any new aspects of my position?  

🦋  Are my job duties challenging to me?  

🦋  Do I enjoy going to work every day?  

🦋  Am I motivated and strive to increase my productivity level?  

🦋  Do I feel I am making a difference?  

🦋  Are my coworkers positive at work?  

🦋  Am I positive at work?  

If you answered no to these questions, you may be feeling stuck in a dead-end job.  

What are some options to improve the career situation?  

Use daily affirmations to get you through the day.  Patti created some work-life balance affirmation cards, these cards are good to use for any day in and day out work or home situations.   

Work-Life Balance Affirmations Cards

❤️ What do you want our world to be?  

Answer this question on Building Better Relationship at Home and Work with Angela and Patti Facebook group page: What are things, experiences, joys that you really really would like to experience?

Angela and I would like to thank you for following and supporting our podcast!

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Podcast Episode 18 – Just Be – Go Beyond Social Expectations that Influence Suicide!

In this episode, Angela and Patti discuss – Just Be – Go Beyond Social Expectations that Influence Suicide. We feel this topic needs to be discussed openly and not avoided because it is uncomfortable. Lives matter.

Click on link to listen to podcast Just Be – Go Beyond Social Expectations that Influence Suicide.

How did we get this topic title?

Angela and I were talking about how there has been an increase in suicide. Over the years, and how the current situation with isolation and other factors. Such as loss of a job can be a risk factor.

The Risk Factors  provided by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website; 

Alcohol and other substance use disorders
Mental disorders, particularly mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and certain personality disorders
Hopelessness, feelings of no reason to live
Depression Impulsive and/or aggressive tendencies
History of trauma or abuse Major physical illnesses
Previous suicide attempt(s) Family history of suicide – Angela talks about breaking the chain of generational loss and hurt –
How to do that.
Job or financial loss
Loss of relationship(s)
Easy access to lethal means
Lack of social support, isolation and social withdrawal
The stigma associated with asking for help
Lack of healthcare, especially mental health and substance abuse treatment
Exposure to others who have died by suicide (in real life or via the media and Internet)

The Warning Signs provided by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website; 
Talking about wanting to die or to kill themselves, communicating suicide intent or plan Looking for a way to kill themselves, like searching online or buying a gun
Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live
Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain
Talking about being a burden to others
Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs
Acting anxious or agitated; behaving recklessly
Sleeping too little or too much
Withdrawing or isolating themselves
Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge
Extreme mood swings
Making final arrangements (wills, notes, giving away personal things, etc.

For immediate help, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and talk with a trained counselor at National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

For Australia

Angela will be speaking at the online Lasting Love Summit click on the link to register to attend the free summit. The summit is the week of May 5, 2020.

Angela’s The Love Oracle Podcast 

Angela and I would like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.

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Podcast Episode 16 – How to Get Along With Your Teenager!

This topic came from a listener request, How To Get Along With Your Teenager!

Click the link to listen to the podcast – How To Get Along With Your Teenager!

Patti started by asking these questions to the audience.

Self-reflecting back to when you were a teenager.  Yes, I know it was different back then, but we still want the same things. Right?

What did you want from your parents?  

Understanding, Someone to Listen, Unconditional Love, Be Supported to Pursue What You Want in Life.

What was it?

Your teenager probably wants the same.  

Angela talks about as a parent – you love them, but you don’t like their behavior – and there’s a consequence for the behavior – follow through and don’t bend, you’re showing accountability, and your actions will speak volumes. Think kind thoughts – don’t see teens as a disappointment or failure. Your thoughts get picked up by your loved ones. Have a conversation with them about boundaries when they tick you off.

What are some deals you can negotiate with them?

Tips from book Crucial Conversations:

1.  Start with the heart.

2. Ask – What do you want for the relationship?

3. Ask – What do you want for the teen?

4. What do you want for you?

5. What is the greatest possible outcome for the relationship?

How can you communicate this to the teen coming from the heart?

Come up with boundaries and consequences, if boundaries are not met.

Making deals with teens gives them opportunities to be responsible and learn what happens when they are not.

What do you think could be some of the troubles that teens are experiencing these days – that may be similar and different to what we went through?

1. Internet Addiction and Online Gaming Addiction.

2. Cyberbullying and In-Person Bullying

3. Suicide – For more information about suicide prevention check out the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website or (1-800-273-8255) and Reachout for youth and parents it is free advice in Australia and Life line

Angela has another podcast on love and relationships it is called “The Love Oracle” – check it out.

Angela and I would like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.

If you have a topic or question, email us at, or on the Anchor app, you can leave a voice message.

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Podcast Episode 15 – Surviving Social Isolation!

In this episode Surviving Social Isolation, Angela and Patti will give some tips and tricks on how to deal with social distancing and surviving isolation.

Click the link to listen to the podcast – Surviving Social Isolation.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who is affected by this virus.  

This is the perfect time for slowing down and taking some self-care.

How can you still be in contact with others while being isolated?

  1. Facetime or video chat with family and friends
  2. Adult coloring or coloring with the children
  3. Play board games with family and do a puzzle
  4. Blowing bubbles outside with the children
  5. Draw or write with chalk outside with the kids
  6. Have a virtual meetup; On Facebook, Skype, or Zoom. Example: a book club, a meeting you usually might have in person but instead do it virtually
  7. Start a group text, in the WhatsApp with people who get you and can help you get support

    Here’s a journal exercise Angela discussed to move and release those feelings.

    Write down on a piece of paper.

    1. What you feel you have lost in this situation?
    2. What you feel you need?
    3. Why do you need this?
    4. How could you meet this need?

    With the feelings: – Acknowledge what you are feeling and tell yourself it’s OK to feel this way. Other people are feeling a lot at the moment, too (their own feelings) the more you acknowledge what you feel helps others to acknowledge theirs. With the need – find words that meet your emotional need eg. to feel safe, to get rid of anxiety, to not go crazy!

    Why do you need this? – When you understand more deeply why you need what you think you need – you may begin to see that your “why” can give you more solutions from Patti’s list of me-time or we-time.
    And it will help you vocalize your need to others and those you love…or you may realize something about your need – like its actually not that important!

    How could you meet this need? Is it reaching out for support or getting personally creative/nurturing.

    Look at a list of tips we are sharing.
    Notice which of your needs are the most important?
    Often one habit/action meets all of your needs. If you are an introvert, texting and telepathy are good places to start to connect to others. Telepathy is sending the thought out and putting good energy to it, so that later when you reach out to others, they feel that energy.

    When you send a text – Put a good feeling into it – people will feel it. Its the most amazing thing in these times, people are willing and ready to connect and wishing well for people.  

    Angela’s new Youtube channel link New Energy Body

    Patti’s Prayer of Hope

Angela and I would like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.

If you have a topic or question, email us at, or on the Anchor app, you can leave a voice message.

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Podcast Episode 14 – Being A Better Father In Today’s World!

In this podcast episode of Being A Better Father In Today’s World! Angela and Patti discussed the topic of how a Father can be understood, respected, welcomed, and supported while in isolation with the coronavirus situation.  Families being in isolation triggering a lot of uncomfortable feelings and stress.  

Click to listen to podcast – Being A Better Father In Today’s World!

The stressors:

Being out of work, isolated, stressed about money, people sad, angry, have no control, in fear of the unknown.  

What is a good father?  

They are sharing equally in household chores, helping with caring for the kids, and with their activities, reflecting respect and loving-kindness towards the wife/partner/the children’s mother by scheduling date nights and eating dinner with the family at least once a week. Kind and patience with your partner and children. Easy to talk too. They share their life experiences, leading by example, or what not to do and support their family in many ways.   

Angela references the Ted Talk – What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood | Marilyn York

Set up healthy family boundaries:

1. Set family guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not.

2. Awareness of what is happening and discussing it compassionately together with solutions.

3. Make a conscious decision to stop unacceptable behaviors, so everyone feels safe, loved and protected.

We would love your thoughts and comments:

“What does being a good father mean to you”?

Angela and I would like to thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.

If you have a topic or question, email us at, or on the Anchor app, you can leave a voice message.