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Episode 74 – Building Better Relationships Through Feeling and Listening to the Body, Heart and Self with Angela Ambrosia

Click to listen to Episode 74 – Building Better Relationships Through Feeling and Listening to the Body, Heart and Self with Angela Ambrosia

In this podcast episode Angela Ambrosia shares about her journey of feeling and listening to the body, heart and self.

Angela Ambrosia is an Energy Healer, Movement Meditation, and Dance Facilitator at Dance with Angela and a teacher of Loving Relationships; she lives in Sydney, Australia. She teaches online classes and private sessions to open you to your healing gifts and natural joy. She works with people to develop their intuition and spiritual growth.

In 2019, she experienced a near-death experience after going into a coma from an aggressive cancer. Angela survived to the amazement of her medical team, friends, and family. In the years since her recovery, Angela realized she denied her own knowing that she would not die because she believed what the hospital thought was true. She is aware of how much we allow the power of others’ beliefs to overshadow our own, even denying our own life. 

She encourages others to learn how to listen to their inner voice while inviting and creating spaces to share themselves with others and experience true connection.

Angela shares:

  • Why she became so passionate about Movement Meditation as a way to discover self-acceptance and love
  • Her journey as a healer and teacher
  • Why do we struggle with accepting our body
  • How listening to our inner self and intuition instead of pleasing others
  • The importance of feeling, sensing and how this helps your students with building better relationships
  • Her Energy Body of Self-Acceptance Program
  • She shares some strategies to have a better relationship with your body and recovery of the body after illness

Don’t miss Angela’s weekly youtube videos; check out other educational videos on self–acceptance, healing, awakening, enlightenment, miracles, and more. Subscribe here on Youtube: Dance with Angela – YouTube

The Energy Body of Self-Acceptance Program Simple, powerful body connection exercises help you balance emotions and build confidence and acceptance of your body, personality, energy, body, and emotions.

The Body of Love Workbook on Amazon

Dance for Joy Sydney Starts Oct 26, 2023 in Sydney, Australia

World Dance and Sufi Movement Class online

Energy Body Movement Meditation Class Online 

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My Conversation with John Kenny – The Relationship Guy (Podcast) – How to Balance Your Life With Patti Oskvarek

I had a wonderful conversation with John Kenny – The Relationship Guy (Podcast). It was a pleasure chatting with John Kenny; he is such a nice guy. Listen and follow The Relationship Guy Podcast; you will get a lot out of his podcast. ~ Patti 

Click to listen to the The Relationship Guy Podcast How to Balance Your Life With Patti Oskvarek

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Patti Shares on Colorful Foresight With Silvia Leva About Perception and Insights While Blogging

Click to watch video Perception & Insights While Blogging.

I was on Colorful Foresight with Silvia Leva Youtube Channel It’s Woo Woo Time. It was fun sharing with Silvia about Blogging, Intuition, Perception, Insight and so much more. Check it out, like and leave a positive comment.

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Exploring Effects of Bad Attitudes in the Workplace from Chaos to Calm

In this podcast episode we will explore the effects of bad attitudes in the workplace.

Click to listen to Episode 22 – Exploring Effects of Bad Attitudes in the Workplace from Chaos to Calm.

Hi, Managers and Supervisors

How’s it going?

One day, my husband and I were at Walmart and saw this quote on a T-shirt. I used to be a people person; then people ruined it! ~ unknown. 

I held up the T-shirt and told my husband; I am buying this. As a leadership and work-life balance coach, I encourage people not to feel this way. So why did I want to buy the T-Shirt? 

Well, I had many days that I felt this way in Leadership.

Have you ever felt this way? 

I know I did throughout my career, especially when knee-deep in the day-to-day grind of (Bull Crap). There were days I would go home and think, why am I doing this? Am I even making a difference; why are people so picky, hateful, judgmental, petty, discouraging, and disrespectful? Somedays, Myself included.

How does having a lousy attitude at work affect your reputation, employees, coworkers, customers, and the business’s bottom line?

Do you believe that other people around you at work can jade your perspective toward others, and you start to feel like the T-shirt quote?

What happened to kindness, empathy, praise, encouragement, and compassion in the workplace?

Managers and Supervisors, you can change the attitude in the workplace. One day at a time by your approach towards the workplace, yourself, and others. Once you apply kindness, empathy, praise, encouragement, and compassion to your employees and coworkers, others will notice and, as time goes on, will follow the pattern.

Here are some Self-Reflection Questions About Daily Interactions:

  • Why is everything about who can “one up” each other? How can this change in my leadership style?
  • Why is “knowledge power”? How can I share more?
  • What happened to being genuinely happy for a coworker and recognizing their accomplishments? How and when can I start recognizing others?
  • Why is being so “busy” acceptable and “ignoring” family okay? How can I improve spending time with my family and friends?
  • When will these interactions change within my Leadership?

What kind of leadership legacy do you want to leave behind?

It would be so amazing if this T-shirt is no longer valid in the workplace, and people feel safe at work and are inspired and encouraged to be their best with continual support. So Managers and Supervisors, let’s make it happen one day at a time!

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I am an inspiration at work!

Did you find this helpful? If so, please share this podcast with others! 

Until next time when we meet again!

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