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Resources for Business Leaders

In my line of coaching work, I often offer clients various resources they find helpful.

Below are some resources which are worth looking into for amazing work/life inspiration. 

  •  Ruby McGuire: Tips on how to be more visible in your business.
  •  Sark eMedia: Tips and strategies about blogging to help you become a better blogger for business success.
  • Exceptional Sales Performance:  Blog talk radio episodes with tips to overcome sales call reluctance.
  • Family Business Performance: Tips, tools and strategies for family run businesses.
  • Ana Melikian Phd. ~ Mindset Zone Podcast interviews on mindset.  Our mindsets determine the way we see the world.  Interviews creating experiences to expand the possibilities.
  • Your Liminal Space Retreats:  The retreat group creates a unique and dynamic opportunity for self-exploration, to resolve relationship issues, make deeper connections and gain new perspectives.
  • Stress Angel:  Tips and products for relieving stress.


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You know it is time to RETIRE when…..

It’s “Older Americans Month” and I know as we get older there is always the nagging question… “When is the right time to retire?”  The most practical answer is: You should be planning retirement all your working life.  This will direct you to be financially ready to retire.  However, here are a few ‘real-life’ humorous moments that may mean, you are close.  Enjoy the fun-loving humor with a good laugh and smile! 🙂  Comments are always welcome and please share it with your colleagues and on your social networks!

You know it is time to RETIRE when…..

download (6)
You usually have meeting times wrong because there were only email updates.
download (7)
When you think “getting lucky” is finding your car in the parking lot.
You have forgotten what the presentation is about… and it’s your presentation.
images (4)
You call it THE Facebook or       THE Instagram.
download (10)
You don’t know what Instagram is.
images (2)
You’ve made this statement in the last 6 months.
download (5)
You can’t remember what you were working on…. and are not sure you care to remember.
Senior businessman laughing at office meeting
You chuckle at your young, eager co-workers who think they can change the company from the bottom up.
“Happy Hour” has a wholly different meaning to you and it usually involves sleep.
You look around and everyone is younger than you…  Including the new VP of your department.
images (3)
You are no longer offended by being called a “Super cool co-worker …for your age”.
download (9)
When your alarm goes off in the morning and you think, do I really need this job.



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Experience Coaching‬!

Coaching sign or poster for business advice, tuition, life and mentoring.

This week is an exciting week for Coaches all over the world.  Why?  It is “International Coaching Week” May 16 – 22, 2016.  The coaching community will be promoting coaching in a variety of ways.  Coaches may have special offers or pro-bono coaching throughout the week and sharing about their particular coaching niche.  The people who have experienced coaching may be sharing as well on how coaching has helped them personally.  The coaching profession will be buzzing everywhere.

What is coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. ~ International Coaching Federation (ICF) Definition of Coaching

To learn more about Coaching here is a video by ICF ~ What is Coaching?

A coach poses powerful questions which leads the client to their own solutions.  The answers are within the client.  This allows them to take action and move closer towards want they want in life.

Coaching is client focused:

The Coach recognizes that each client is a capable person with the capability to determine their own priorities, goals, and action steps. The coaching process is focused on empowering the client. Each client chooses when to enter a coaching relationship, communicates in a way that is comfortable to them, chooses their primary focus during coaching, and chooses when to end the coaching relationship.

Why Coaching?

Coaching helps clients to feel supported, encouraged, inspired to pursue their aspirations and goals.  As well as the ability to cope with change and challenges they may face in the process.

Why do I love coaching?

When coaching a client and hearing them talk it out and they realize they came up with a solution or next action step for achieving what they truly want.  Seeing them smile when they have achieved their goal or what they wanted in life! 🙂

~ As a coach I inspire others to pursue what they truly want in life. ~

To contact me for a private confidential coaching session.   Fill out the contact form below.   In the comment section specify you would like a free 30 minutes introductory session.

Coaching sessions can be conducted by phone, Skype or in person.

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[Poll] What are the Hardest Parts of Your Job?


As leaders and team members we all struggle with certain areas of our job.   Take a few moments and self-reflect on which topics speak to you.  Then select those particular items within the poll.  The poll results will inspire future blog posts regarding these subjects which are important to you.   All polls selections are anonymous.  Participate in the poll by selecting your choices and click vote.  Comments are always welcome and please share it with your colleagues and on your social networks!~ Patti


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Effective Leaders Encourage Motivation


What is a motivated employee?  The employee has the desire to accomplish what they want in life and work.  Motivation of an employee comes from within; through their thoughts, beliefs, ambitions and goals.  If the employee is not committed, motivation will not happen.  A motivated employee has a positive outlook at work and like what they do.  They have the desire to do what it takes to get the job done.

Intrinsic Motivation vs Extrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation comes from within the employee.  Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of the employee; such as awards, money, recognition or praise.  Employees who feel motivated are more likely to be persistent and productive in the workplace.  When there is lack of motivation, the employees have no interest or desire to perform their work duties.

As a leader;  lead by example with an encouraging attitude.  Make sure you hire motivated and goal driven people for your organization which is the key to a successful business.

Self reflection question:

How are you staying motivated?

 Become a Better Leader [e-Book] Click here to download your copy.

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