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Exploring How To Keep Your Team Engaged as a Manager and Supervisor

Click to listen to Episode 15 – Exploring How To Keep Your Team Engaged as a Manager and Supervisor

Today I will explore how to keep your team focused and engaged as a Manager and Supervisor. 

Employees make decisions and actions daily that can affect workplace morale, customers, the organization, and profits.

How are you and your team engaging in work?

Is there good engagement between you and your employees?

Do you enjoy the workplace atmosphere? Do they?

What is the key to keeping employees focused and engaged in their work?

  • Start with talking to your employees, getting to know them, and showing interest in them. Ask them how they are doing. Let them speak and listen to them. Provide some open dialogue throughout the conversation. Look at them while they are talking. Be present instead of thinking about other things.
  • Spend time learning about your employees. What are their backgrounds, interests, and values?
  • Provide on-the-job training to help them to succeed. Find their learning style, such as visual, hearing, reading a manual or procedures, hands-on learning, etc.
  • Give employees opportunities to grow in personal development. Employees who develop their work skills and a creative mindset will more likely stay and promote within the company.
  • Give employees special projects and assignments outside their regular duties when they have asked for something else. Employees who are satisfied and learning new things are much more engaged and focused at work.
  • Coach employees with encouragement and act on their suggestions if possible.
  • Encourage employees to network within the company.
  • Have employees participate in the hiring process and have the whole team meet potential candidates. Is this candidate someone who will work well with the team? Get their feedback and perspective. They have to work with this person just as much as you do.
  • Provide some recognition to the hard-working employees and the ones who complete their projects within the target timeframes. And show your appreciation for their accomplishments. Say “thank you” and give them praise for their excellent work.
  • Encourage employees to take breaks to help them get refocused and inspired. Stepping away for a few minutes rejuvenates people.
  • Set clear expectations and make sure your employees understand what expectations. Be clear and direct about workplace goals and objectives. Put the expectation in writing and follow up with the employee on their progress. They may struggle and need guidance to find another way to complete the task. Break down tasks into small achievable steps. This way, they will feel safe and start working on things.

Employees stay with leaders who show interest in them. They are more engaged and focused when they feel appreciated, making a difference and giving credit for their contributions. When a manager and supervisor reflect gratitude towards their employees, everyone will want to come to work each day and give their all!

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I am engaged and focused in my work and team!

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Until next time when we meet again!

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My Facebook Live Interview with Noleen Sliney, Video Confidence Mentor

In case you didn’t get a chance to watch my exciting interview with Noleen Sliney, a Video Confidence Mentor. Noleen inspires and encourages her clients and pushes them out of their comfort zone to try new things within their business. She interviewed me on August 13, 2022.

Click here to watch the video Facebook live.

Here’s what Noleen Sliney wrote about the interview. I had the absolute privilege of interviewing our view own changemaker Patti Oskvarek today over on my Facebook page. This was such an interesting, inspirational and fun conversation. Patti was incredible and was very generous in sharing many of her tips and words of wisdom on how to bring balance into your life and work. She also shared some very interesting things about herself. 😁 Be sure to go and watch the interview to find out what it is as well as be inspired by Patti. We would also very much appreciate your support to boost engagement and get this seen by more people by leaving a comment under the video. Thanks in advance. Noleen Sliney

You can watch the interview here:

Thank you so much for your support and watching. ~ Patti

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Exploring Changing The Feeling of Dread At Work To Excitement Again From Chaos To Calm

Click to listen to Episode 13 – Exploring Changing The Feeling of Dread At Work To Excitement Again From Chaos to Calm.

This podcast episode will discuss and reflect on changing the feeling of dread at work to excitement again. 

Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

Do you remember the days you were excited to get up and work?

You loved having this career and learning new things. You lit up the office with your enthusiasm. You were like a sponge; you soaked up all the knowledge you could get. 

When did everything at work change from excitement to dread?

Was it a slow fade over time?

How did it happen?

What changed in you, and when did you start to dread going into the office?

Was there disappointment or being set up for failure?

A new boss, was there Unethical people getting promoted?

A shift in the company vision or goals?

Unreasonable workload?

Have the work duties changed?

Too many ridiculous meetings?

Too many emails to answer?

Are the work schedule boundaries blurred?

We all have been here at some time or another with a job. We want something more challenging and exciting if you feel like this; maybe it is time for a new direction in your career path. 

As managers or supervisors, we must realize that our employees also get to this point of dread when they no longer feel challenged or excited to come to work. We need to look for those signs that they are bored and the job is not lighting them up anymore. 

What can you do to help them enjoy work again?  

Has something changed in the work environment? If so, what is it? What’s the true undercurrent causing the dread? Is there a solution?

A leader’s words, actions, and deeds set the path for how the team interacts with you, the team, and customers, contributing to the energy and flow of the work environment. 

Are you leading by your emotions, your staff’s emotions, company policies, or critical thinking? 

How is your attitude at work affecting those around you and yourself?  

You know what you want and what you don’t want. So what is holding you in a job that you feel bored and on the road to nowhere? What can you do to change this back to feeling excited again? Do you have a mentor or coach helping you to succeed and promote within your company?

How is your employee’s attitude at work? 

What’s holding them back in their job performances? 

Are you mentoring and coaching them to succeed?

What could make you feel alive again in your work situation? 

Reflect on all these questions and think about what are some solutions for you. You know something needs to give, but the only way it will change is if you put it into action.  

Today’s podcast Affirmation

Each day I am developing my career and my staff!

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Until next time when we meet again!

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Episode 66 – Reconnecting Relationships through Music with Special Guest Robert Alexander

Click to Listen to Episode 66 – Reconnecting Relationships through Music with Special Guest Robert Alexander

In this episode – Reconnecting Relationships through Music, we have a special guest Robert Alexander.

He shares how to use music for healing, rebuild relationships with centered self and the chakras, and reconnect with others as we move through these challenging and changing times. We will share a few samples of the Chakra Collection in the podcast.

Robert Alexander is an Audio Alchemist located in Southern CA. With this LifeRhythms business, he offers healing work via private sessions and designs unique personalized pieces of music to help his clients find healing away from the work they do with him. Alongside his LifeRhythms business, Robert has a label-signed music project called Evlov. His music is found on various platforms online. Robert also was the creator and host of LifeRhythms Radio; an online Radio show made to help you find relatable content that can help you create more of what you desire in your life!

(1) Resonance Recordings are personalized pieces of audio that help you attract more of what is most sacred and desirable in your life – to learn more

2) To listen to the Chakra Collection Vol 1. –

3) Music Lounge –

4) LifeRhythms Radio –

5) For more information about the Genie In The Headphones – Email:

To contact or learn more about Robert Alexander and his services and products:



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Episode 64 – Exploring a Better Balance with Men and Women’s Relationships at Work and in Business


To listen to podcast episode, Episode 64 – Exploring a Better Balance with Men and Women’s Relationships at Work and in Business.

In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a conversation about women and men in the workplace and more.  

(Patti) Angela, I recently saw an Instagram Reel of a young lady from Alabama who was looking for a place to do her eyelash business, and because she was a woman she was having a hard time getting a place even though her business was successful and had the money to make the rent.  She even had a male friend call and the landlords were going to rent to him but not to her.  This was shocking to me because I thought those days were gone. The link

(Patti) Do men make more money in the same position as women? YES or NO
To participate. or on Spotify.

(Angela) The Gig Economy is where everyone is moving away from full-time or part-time work to casual on-call work, as an Uber driver to an Online Entrepreneur to offering services in exchange for a fixed fee – like a coach or trainer, or other service providers.
And women have jumped on this for thousands of years before what we have now as a way to provide for their families while also cooking, housekeeping, and raising their young families. The modern gig economy is also increasing the demand for work-life balance so women and men can have time to be with their families and not work full-time hours.

How can women change their mindset to feel comfortable asking for what they are worth?

  1. Practice in the mirror asking for what you want at work.
  2. Write a script and memorize it so the words come out easy and confident.
  3. Say powerful daily affirmations for confidence and getting what you want.
  4. Get a mentor or coach to work with you on strategies to get what you want.

How can we have a better balance in the workplace between men and women whether it is pay, top management, or respecting each other?   We would love to hear your comments and feedback on this question.

Thank you so much for listening, please share the podcast with others and give us a 5-Star review or a clap on the Anchor podcast app so more people can find and listen to our podcast.

 To work with Angela

To work with Patti

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Exploring The Management Philosophy – You’ve Got A Pulse, You’ve Got A Job From Chaos to Calm

The Management Philosophy – You’ve Got A Pulse – You Got The Job! Not A Good Leadership Practice.

To listen to the podcast episode click here.

Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, I will be discussing hiring staff and why it is not a good idea to hire someone with the Management Philosophy – If You’ve Got A Pulse – You’ve Got The Job!

I was at an appointment almost a year ago, and the doctor told me that they were desperate to hire someone quickly. She said if they got a pulse, they got the job. We both laughed. She said we need another body in here as soon as possible. I responded, Sometimes, that doesn’t always work out because they may not be the right fit or have a good work ethic. The funny thing is my husband was talking to me a couple of months before that and suggested that I should write a blog post for “You’ve Got A Pulse, You Got the Job!” 

I guess God and the universe were telling me it was time to discuss this topic. So I did write a blog post about this topic back then, and I wanted to share it on the podcast because, as a manager or supervisor, I feel this is not a good leadership practice.

Filling a chair or position to have a body in it is not a very good idea. When hiring managers don’t spend the time to make sure the candidate is someone qualified and will connect well with staff and customers in the long run, it will cause more anguish for everyone involved.  Why is that? 

One person’s bad attitude, incompetency, or lack of motivation can destroy the work environment. 

Yes, I understand that some companies are understaffed and need people immediately because of high turnover, high caseload, or staffing ratio to the patients, or security and safety reasons and with the Great Resignation happening. However, look at the time and expense of training someone; you will eventually have to let go, or worse, keep someone that is incompetent or a kick-starter to the other employees and customers and causes complete chaos in the workplace.

Lowering the hiring standards is not the answer!

Take some time in the hiring process to get to know the candidate. Then, review the resume and job application. 

Does this person change jobs every few months? If so, why? Are they promoting or some other reason listed? If not listed, ask the candidate. 

What kind of positions have they done in the past? Is it equal to the job qualifications? 

Have specific questions about the job in the interview for the candidate to answer. Were the answers clear and concise, and right?

After the interview, call the candidate’s references. Have specific questions about attendance, team player, customer service, and work performance.

If references check out with positive recommendations to the questions answered, ask the candidate to come back and meet your staff if this is allowable in your company. 

Have the candidate engage with the team and see what the job duties entail. 

Remember, the employees have a vested interest because they have to work with this person. If you have an open, honest relationship with your employees, they will give you their opinion. Ultimately you have the final answer on who to hire and who not to hire.

Spending a little time checking out the candidate may save you, your staff, and customers frustration and protect the company’s bottom-line on training and hiring the wrong person.

Here are some Self Reflection Questions to Ponder or Journal about:

What have been my hiring experiences in the past?  

What worked well and what didn’t?

What suggestions from this podcast will I incorporate into my hiring process?

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I make good hiring decisions!

Did you find this helpful?  If so, please share this podcast with others! 

Until next we meet again!

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Episode 55 – The Great Resignation – The Beliefs of How It Should Be

This podcast episode looks at our beliefs about life and work and invites you to consider how things should be about work and life choices. To listen to the podcast click here.

Do you find yourself challenged by the pandemic and questioning everything?

Do you live in regret?

What to consider before joining the Great Resignation:

Reflect on when you first started at your current position.

What attracted you to the job in the first place?

What did you like about the job?

What has changed?

What would make your job more enjoyable?

What do you truly want in a career?

Should I stay at my current employment or move on?

Self-reflect or journal about what you want in life.

What’s keeping me here?

Are there other options?

If, so what are they?

What did your answers tell you?

Think about why I am staying in a job that you dislike. Is there something better for me what”lights me up”?

Before joining the great resignation, come up with a solid exit plan. Then, whatever decision you make to either stay or go, focus on what kind of trade or career you want and prepare yourself for that.

We often complain about something before we leave it. We make something bad, like a job, boss, or relationship, but actually, what is awful is teaching you something about yourself and the original attraction to the job. Touches your dreams and beliefs of how things should be, and if you follow those questions which we’ll have in the show notes – you can discover what you have been avoiding or conditioning in your dream to live the life you want.

We know we gave you a lot to think about and would love to hear about your beliefs and move past them without any regrets.

Angela’s recommendation of the book – For I Am John: Channelled Paperback – by Helen Barton (Author)  DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that we shared an affiliate link in this post. Please know that we only share products or services that we have used and found great value.

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Exploring How To Respond To Unprofessionalism From Chaos to Calm

Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, Patti discusses interaction with unprofessional people.

Sometimes in our careers, we have all worked with someone unprofessional. They may come across like they don’t care, don’t even know how to behave in a professional setting, or even realize their behavior is unprofessional. 

How do most people usually respond? Avoidance!  They would rather avoid the situation instead of addressing the unprofessionalism. 


Because it is uncomfortable. Whether new or experienced, many managers and supervisors shy away from confrontation, thinking that the behavior will go away or disappear. However, in most cases, the behavior gets worse when it’s not dealt with and continues.Is there a way to help or mentor them?

Yes, of course, there is, by addressing the behavior. However, people can’t change if they don’t know their behavior is displeasing.

Calmly explain to the unprofessional person how to be treated with respect. Give some examples of what is respectful and courteous.

Here are some Self Reflections to Ponder or Journal about:

1. What were some of your experiences dealing with unprofessionalism?

2. What did you learn from these experiences?

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I recognize the beauty around me, even when I am in the presence of unprofessionalism.

Did you find this helpful?  If so, please share this podcast with others!

Until we meet again!

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Episode 53 – Is Marriage Built To Last?

In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest John Helton, the Blind Fury, from the podcast “Martial Monkey Mania Radio Show” and the podcast topic “Is Marriage Built To Last?”

John, AKA “The Blind Fury,” is President/Founder of The Blood Wall Ministries. Marital Monkey, one of those ministries, which teaches biblical principles of God’s design for marriage and puts the fun back in marriage with the Marital Monkey Mania Radio Show.  John Helton’s teaching and interaction with the Marital Monkey Mondays workshop, certified relationship coaching services, a soon-to-be Marital Monkey Preparation Course. He has a detailed book to hopefully be released in 2022 called “Marital Monkey: Helping You Navigate the Marriage Jungle God’s Way!” He is also a Christian inspirational speaker and author, amongst other things like being a professional goofball.

“Martial Monkey Mania Radio Show” episode “Cell Phones Harm Relationships.”   Can you give the listeners some examples of why cell phones can harm relationships?–2021–WEMM-107-9-FM-e15jkm9

Here is how to contact John about his services: –

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Exploring The Pressure of Perfection on Managers and Supervisors From Chaos to Calm

Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, I will talk about the pressures of perfection on managers and supervisors.

As Managers and Supervisors, we put a lot of expectations on ourselves as well as others. 

So why do we feel we have to be perfect? 

Are we putting those expectations on ourselves, or do people expect us to be perfect with our attitude, appearance, decisions, and performance?

It appears that perfection is expected and pressured onto Managers and Supervisors, which trickles down to the employees — the appearance of being perfect and pointing out other people’s mistakes and faults accompanied by harsh judgment has become the norm in workplaces. In this type of environment, there is a lack of focus, creativity, and willingness to try new things. As a result, people don’t grow, nor do the products, services, and revenue.  

It’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them and not continually repeat them. How feedback is delivered can make or break a person, whether at work, home, volunteering, or among friends. Too much nitpicking and micromanaging is why good employees leave. 

A good leader will let employees try new and different processes, especially if the current approach isn’t working, outdated, or becoming mundane. Listening is essential to know what is working and what is not. Being approachable and welcoming is the first step to building trust, hearing what people feel and new ideas, and realizing that mistakes happen. Finally, good leaders are flexible —having a crucial conversation on what happened and working together on how to fix the situation—talking about what worked and what didn’t and coming up with a plan to make it better with an agreeable resolution.

What if you are a manager or supervisor who doesn’t like conflict?

Overcoming the fear of conflict will reduce anxiety, strengthen courage, and promotes better communication skills. Start by responding to emails, voicemails, and texts, even short and the point. Something is better than nothing. Meet with employees, listen, and be engaged. As you address complex situations, it does get easier as time goes on. Communication skills are an essential part of becoming a better leader.  

Managers and Supervisors are the hardest on themselves. When projects fail, they take it to heart and feel awful and embarrassed.

Here are some Self-Reflect Questions to ponder when a mistake or failure happens.

What did I learn?

What will I do differently next time?

What areas do I need to improve?

What did I learn about myself, customers, clients, superiors, and employees from this experience?

An Affirmation to recite to get you through during or after a mistake or failure:

I will not let mistakes from the past carry on into today.

Pretty much everyone wants to do a good job and wants to please their superiors, customers, employees, and clients. So when mistakes happen, knowledging them by taking action steps to rectify them. By doing this, it will reflect, you are an honest person with integrity. This imperfect world sure does need more managers and supervisors like this. Letting go of perfection and being authentic changes the workplace from chaos to calm. 

Until next we meet again!

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