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5 Steps to a Balanced Life

How do you achieve a balanced life?  Some say it is not achievable, while others say you can.  What is a balanced life really?  There are going to be times in our lives where we think it can never be achievable.  Life is just plain chaotic at times.

How do you stay balanced when you feel everything is crashing down around you?

Does this sound like you?

You’re working on a major project at work, while trying to balance your home life responsibilities, rushing around as a parent to all the children activities,  desiring some quality time with your spouse, craving to eat healthy and wanting to get enough exercise.

Recently, I felt this way myself with a big project going on and nothing seemed to be going as planned.  Every time I turned around there was another obstacle in the way.  Feeling totally exhausted; mentally and physically drained for months working on this project.  Having many other people’s viewpoints and personal agendas colliding.  Tempers flaring and patience levels being pushed to their breaking point.  That’s what happens when you are an “A” type personality and things aren’t going the way you planned.  I let the project over-consume me.


Life is a balance of holding on and letting go……… ~ Unknown

From this experience, I learned that I forgot to take care of me. To walk away and enjoy the simple things in life. My diabetes glucose levels were way too high, which contributed to feeling very tired, irritable, and I definitely know better. I wasn’t listening to my own advice. Then going to the doctor and increasing my medicine and being told you need to relax more and exercise more. Going to the chiropractor for my back and neck pain, and telling me to do more meditation and stress release exercises. What a wake-up call!

Time to step back and say enough.  Let it go and breathe.  Reflect, reframe and refocus on what truly is important.  Life is to be enjoyed, having some fun, and having lasting relationships.

I truly needed to go back to basics and work on these 5 steps for a balanced life.

  1. Say No to Things You Don’t Want.
  2. Build Positive Relationships.
  3. Create Healthy Boundaries.
  4. Journal to Resolve Feelings and Issues.
  5. Enjoy the Best Life Now!

Life is going to be chaotic, hectic and disappointing.  How we react to it is what determines happiness.  By remembering to put these 5 simple principles into practice and not forgetting to step back, breathe, and really enjoy your life, family, friends; and learning how to let go of what will not matter 5 years from now.

Call to Action:

Take the poll, put these 5 steps into your daily life and don’t let stress consume you. ~ Patti 🙂

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