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How to become a better LEADER – Podcast by Coaching for Inspiration with Patti


  • Practice active listening and see how much more engaged your employees will be with you.
  • Get passionate about the job and see if others get passionate as well.
  • Give and accepts honest feedback.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Be compassionate towards your employees.
  • Have one on one meetings with your employees.

Question: What are you doing to become a better leader?


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The Scorpion and the Frog – A fable

A while back a friend posted this fable on facebook.  I thought about this fable a lot asking myself  “What does this really mean?”  I would like to share it.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia –
The Scorpion and the Frog is an animal fable about a scorpion asking a frog to carry him across a river.   The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog,  the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion,  but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why,  the scorpion points out that this is its nature.
The fable is used to illustrate the position that the natural behavior of some creatures is inevitable,  no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences.
It is also used to illustrate that a person (frog) is to blame for the trouble they are in if it was caused by  associating with another (scorpion) they know to be no good.
Questions:   Please share your thoughts in the comments.
  • What does this parable mean to you?
  • Do you believe the natural behavior of some creatures (people) is inevitable?
  • Do you think a person (frog) is to blame for the trouble of another (scorpion) through their association?
  • Do you believe a person (scorpion) can change if they really want it?
  • Do you think the person (scorpion) just used his nature as an excuse to be mean or bad?

Comments are always welcome.  You can always use your initials or anonymous for your name, if this makes you feel more comfortable to respond.  🙂   Did you find this helpful?  If so, please share this blog post with your colleagues, friends, and family on all your social networks!  Thank you. 🙂

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Thoughts, Feelings and Actions are choices!

Sometimes are thoughts, feelings or self doubt may cause us to make bad decisions or choices because we are not focusing on what really matters.  By continuing to focus on our dreams, goals and aspirations those feelings, thoughts or self doubt will be pushed away because you are continually working towards those steps to accomplish what really matters to you.

Keep a list of your action steps and post these steps somewhere visible.  As you accomplish an action step towards your goal put a check mark or line through that step. When you start to feel discourage review what you have accomplished and this will help keep you on track and reduce the feelings and thoughts of self doubt.

Questions for self-reflection:

  • Are my thoughts, feelings and actions helping me or hindering in my life?
  • Why am I making certain choices in my life?
  • Are these choices helping me to move forward to achieving what I really want in life?


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Coaches help you redesign your life so you can live to your true potential!


Self-Reflecting Questions: 

  • What is holding me back from my true potential?
  • Should I consider hiring a coach?

If you are interested in a coaching session, please fill out the contact form below. In the comment section specify you would like a coaching session.

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We live in a world today, which tries to say too much with too little. Consequently, few listen. – Gregg Braden

We live in a world today, which tries to say too much with too little. Consequently, few listen. Sometimes the  best sermons (or lessons) are the ones left unspoken. – Gregg Braden


Take time to be still and really listen to your heart!

Questions:  Are you truly listening your heart ?  What is it telling you?

Coaching for Inspiration
Coaching for InspirationwithPatti.
com – TM

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Making difficult choices as a Manager or Supervisor

There are many days when a Supervisor has to make difficult choices. These choices can cause upheaval in the workplace. When making difficult decisions, sit down and reflect on how this change will affect your business, clients, team members, or work area. Write out a list of why this is a good idea and the pros and the cons.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How will I implement it?

How will I deliver the news?

How will I explain my decision and why?

Who is going to take on the change and make sure it succeeds?

What is going to be needed to make this work?

By spending some time reflecting on the decision, will give you the confidence you need to implement a plan of action. With a plan of action, you are more likely to succeed. You will be prepared to handle questions and concerns, which will help make the transition much smoother. ~ Patti


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Here is the definition per Wikipedia:

Coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. The individual receiving coaching may be referred to as coachee. Occasionally, the term coaching may be applied to an informal relationship between two individuals where one has greater experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the other goes through a learning process, but coaching differs from mentoring by focusing upon competence specifics, as opposed to general overall development.

Some coaches use a style in which they ask questions and offer opportunities that will challenge the coachee to find answers from within him/herself. This facilitates the learner to discover answers and new ways of being based on their values, preferences and unique perspectives.

To contact me for private confidential coaching sessions. Fill out the contact form below. In the comment section specify you would like a coaching session.

Coaching sessions can be conducted in various methods.

  • By Phone
  • By Skype
  • In Person

It would be a privilege to work with you!

Coaching for Inspiration
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