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Thoughts, Feelings and Actions are choices!

Sometimes are thoughts, feelings or self doubt may cause us to make bad decisions or choices because we are not focusing on what really matters.  By continuing to focus on our dreams, goals and aspirations those feelings, thoughts or self doubt will be pushed away because you are continually working towards those steps to accomplish what really matters to you.

Keep a list of your action steps and post these steps somewhere visible.  As you accomplish an action step towards your goal put a check mark or line through that step. When you start to feel discourage review what you have accomplished and this will help keep you on track and reduce the feelings and thoughts of self doubt.

Questions for self-reflection:

  • Are my thoughts, feelings and actions helping me or hindering in my life?
  • Why am I making certain choices in my life?
  • Are these choices helping me to move forward to achieving what I really want in life?