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What Keeps You Going – When You Feel Like Giving Up?

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At the time of writing this blog post, it had been a struggle for me. I knew I wanted to write a blog post, and I couldn’t think of a topic. I hadn’t been feeling well, and everything seemed to be hard to focus on and do. I had the COVID vaccine and an allergy shot. It hit me hard.  

I talked with my husband about the struggle of a topic, and he said maybe you should write a blog post about this subject.  What keeps you going?  

It is hard to be inspired when you just aren’t feeling it. 🙂 I’m sure we all have felt that way some time or another. 

Pushing through it happens daily for people going to a job they hate. 

How do they get through it?

Is it a mindset of “I have bills to pay, a family to feed, or goals to achieve to make my life easier, and people are relying on me?”

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like doing it?

I think we sometimes put heavy expectations on ourselves as well. So what if I didn’t write a blog post this week? I’m sure my followers would understand or maybe not even notice that I missed a week. I love coaching, writing, podcasting, blogging, and traveling; it inspires me, and my hope is it inspires others.

We all go through things in our lives that can throw us out of wack. It could be a hopeless mindset, family circumstances, a tyrant boss, health issues, or a tragedy. How do we move past it and keep going?

Something to believe in or the will of not giving up?

I asked my followers – What keeps you going – when you feel like giving up?

Here are some of the comments:

  1. Look around you
  2. Never thought to give up, but after a long exhausting day, just seeing my dogs makes me at peace again 
  3. Life is precious, have a good cry sure does help.
  4. Coaches like you!
  5. Faith
  6. Prayer
  7. Family
  8. A cocktail
  9. Friends
  10. Beer
  11. Chocolate

Life circumstances have a way of knocking us down when we weren’t expecting it —having strategies to cope and putting them in place when starting to feel the emotions of giving up helps.

Let’s talk about some quick and easy strategies to get through the day.  

  • Get up and move around
  • Go outside and get some fresh air
  • Eat a healthy snack or meal.
  • Exercise
  • Talk to a friend
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Get creative, paint, color, or draw 
  • Cuddle with your pet 
  • Read a good book
  • Watch or listen to comedy
  • Dance and sing to your favorite songs
  • Do something fun and silly 

Hire a life or career coach like me to help you work through the challenges and continue moving forward to where you want to be with your life.

I would love to hear your strategies and tips on “What keeps you going – when you feel like giving up?

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Episode 43 – Managing Negative Emotions in Relationships Whether at Home or Work!

In this podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss how to deal with negative emotions and energy whether in the workplace or in your personal life.

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Patti:  Being negative is easy, everyone is doing it.  How does it affect you in your career and personal life? You may lose a promotion or worse yet all relationships by being a constant complainer, talking bad about others, when displaying anger and hostility or a victim mentally.  I’ve heard some people say that being positive all the time is toxic. 

Why do you think that is?

Angela: Perhaps they see people being falsely positive without dealing with the underlying issues that are creating imbalance in the workplace or home. And without facing the real issues of sadness, anger or fear that go unaddressed when people are trying to be positive.  Some people are fearful of positive energy for fear that they can’t ever be happy. When you are addicted to suffering, it is very hard to enjoy someone’s happiness. Plus people from the beginning of humanity have had jealousy when they think that they can’t have what others have. So if you see someone too happy, it can trigger ancient fears that somehow you are missing out.


How do we change these situations from toxic to kindness?

What if people stopped watching the news?What if people smiled more?

What about looking at the good in others and appreciating each other?Do you think things would change for the better?

Patti: Angela, you have told me many times it is okay to show your emotions. 

To feel them and release them. 

How do you do that without taking it out on the other person or projecting those emotions on them?

Angela: Have you heard of Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence?

1. Self Awareness of your Emotions.

2. Managing your Emotions.

3. Awareness of Social Relationships

4. Management of those Relationships.

Angela: The book “Noise” by Daniel Kahneman is looking at how companies can make better decisions and stop errors at the company level that cost the company thousands of dollars. 

Patti: Strategies to help stay positive?

  1. Walk away when drama is happening around you. Excuse yourself from the conversation.
  2. When there are unkind remarks about someone else, say something nice about that particular person. This action tends to halt the conversation.
  3. Plug in your headphones and listen to uplifting music.
  4. Recite Positive Affirmations.
  5. Journal about how you are feeling.
  6. Go for a quick walk and pray about the situation, listen to an uplifting podcast, music or recite positive affirmations.
  7. Concentrate on your work tasks.

For more tips on how to handle negative workplace environments Patti has a blog post series on Bad Leadership Styles.   We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with Managing Negative Emotions in Relationships Whether at Home or Work!

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DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that Angela and Patti may be sharing affiliate links in this podcast/post. Please know that we only ever share products and services that we use or have used ourselves and found great value.

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Episode 42 – Building a Better Relationship with our Planet! (Podcast)

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Summary of this podcast episode, Angela and Patti discuss building a better relationship with our planet and our environment.

During lock-down, it gave the planet time to heal in many ways; the air quality from pollution became better with fewer vehicles traveling. The beaches recovered due to fewer people visiting and the wildlife starting to populate. 

Where are you respecting energy?

Taking notice of where you respect, giving thanks, and reciprocating energy is an excellent example of being a good steward, yourself, your family, and your planet.

In the movement classes, Angela shares how to respect your body and listen to your body. This has been the easiest way for me to learn respect for energy. When we move together, we feel how we contain energy in the body and how we lose energy in the body. And in movement you can learn where you have habits in your body that disrespect your body or don’t listen to the natural flow of energy in your body that pushes the body. When we do the movement in nature, the elements of nature help us align and balance our bodies. And activity in nature, even just walking in nature, can show us how to be one with nature and respect it.  When we’re caught up in modern life, we fall into habits where we forget our own nature and own body, which makes us feel disconnected from the planet.

Reflection Questions:

What can you do to make a difference in the world we live in and your relationship with the planet?

What kind of relationship do you want with the planet?

What are your thoughts about air pollution, plastic waste in the ocean, and nuclear waste?

What can I do to support the environment?

When Patti is out camping or in nature, and I come across trash, I pick it up, take it home, and throw it in the trash. She remembers when I was visiting a friend in Hawaii, and we were getting ready to parasail, a woman was fishing out debris from the ocean with a net, and this man said to her, why there is so much trash in the sea it won’t matter. To her, it mattered.

Was she making a difference, yes, one less piece of trash in the ocean that day?

We would love to hear your ideas and what you are doing with improving  your relationship with the planet!

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