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Exploring the Manipulative Manager and Supervisor Leadership Style from Chaos to Calm

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In this podcast episode we will explore a Manager and Supervisor with a manipulative leadership style.

Click to listen to Episode 21 – Exploring the Manipulative Manager and Supervisor Leadership Style from Chaos to Calm

Hi, Managers and Supervisors

How’s it going?

Patti explores:

  • What is a manipulative manager or supervisor?
  • Do you know manipulative manager or supervisor?
  • Why don’t people speak up about manipulative managers and supervisors?
  • The Warning Signs someone has a Manipulative Manager and Supervisor.
  • The Results for Employers having a Manipulative Manager and Supervisor in the Workplace.
  • Do you recognize this type of Leadership in your organization or within yourself?

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I have healthy relationships with my staff!

I would love your thoughts on this topic.

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Episode 73 – Does Inner Brilliance Ignite Relationships with Special Guest Dr. Gaia Sciaranghella

In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest Dr. Gaia Sciaranghella.

Click to listen to Episode 73 – Does Inner Brilliance Ignite Relationships with Special Guest Dr. Gaia Sciaranghella

Gaia is an Intuitive Mentor for Life Transformation and Soul Coach who specializes in mind-body balance, energy healing, spiritual awareness, and personal development practices. Gaia is the founder of “The Awakening of Gaia,” based in Boston, USA, and the creator of a methodology to awaken our Inner Brilliance, our inner energy propelling us to act in the world with vibrancy and confidence. 

She is also a Scientist trained in traditional medicine, so she brings a grounded and practical approach to her work in the spiritual and holistic health space. In addition, she has spent many years of her professional career in managerial and leadership roles. This prepared her for her mission to empower spiritually conscious and soul-led women to be Leaders in ALL aspects of their lives. Through her unique way of blending science-backed holistic medicine modalities with novel spiritual techniques, she is on a mission to lead women to access the language of their Souls in daily life, establishing a life-long rapport with their inner power and intuition, to live a more joyful, uncomplicated and deeply satisfying life. 

She has proudly inspired countless people to blossom in life and be more in touch with their inner wisdom through her online presence and in-person work. When not working, Gaia enjoys long walks in nature, exploring new restaurants, dancing, and making new friends, and she would love to connect with you as well.

Some of the things Gaia discusses:

  • Why is Gaia passionate about being an Intuitive, Life Evolution Mentor & Soul Coach.
  • What is Clarity Ignition.
  • She explains empowering spiritually conscious women to become leaders of a joyful, meaningful, deeply satisfying, and uncomplicated life.
  • How to discover our Inner Brilliance and ignite our relationships in our day-to-day life with zest and purpose.
  • How she explains what the Soul is to her clients.
  • How what she does strengthens relationships.
  • What is Soul Brilliance Reactivation.
  • What is Nervous System Rewiring.

Gaia’s free gift to the listeners: 

Gaia’s website:

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Patti Oskvarek, Coaching for Inspiration with Patti was on Colorful Foresight Youtube Live with Silvia Leva and Angela Ambrosia

I was on Colorful Foresight with Silvia Leva and Angela Ambrosia, discussing my Work-Life Balance Affirmation Cards and much more.

Click to watch the Youtube Video.

This conversation with these lovely ladies was unique and different than I had ever done before. Sharing about my Work-Life Balance and Leadership coaching style, podcasts, and using the Work-Life Balance Affirmation Cards with the audience was a fun experience.

If you enjoyed the conversation, please like the Colorful Foresight Youtube Video on Youtube and leave an encouraging comment. Thank you for watching. ~ Patti