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What kind of person are you?


Why do you think people act differently when they are with certain people? Is it to impress others?  Or need approval from others?  Are they afraid of being judged?  Why does it matter?  Why do some people follow the crowd and others have the confidence to go their own way?

Which person do you want to be?

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Resolving an issue with a co-workers bad behavior

A friend was telling me about a situation at her work.  She has a co-worker that takes a late lunch after the boss leaves for the day and he comes back high and sleeps on the job.  Her other colleagues are scare of him because when he comes down from the high he becomes angry and mean.  My friend has only worked with him a couple of times, since they have different shift schedules and has not encountered this behavior.  The other co-workers don’t feel comfortable saying something to the boss and are afraid to confront him due to his anger issues.  They came to her because they want help.  After she expressed the circumstances I started asking her questions.  Through listening and asking her questions she came up with an action plan on how she is going to approach this situation to resolve it.

Q:        Why is it important for others to come up with their own solutions?

Q:        How would you handle this situation?

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What is happiness?

What is happiness?

I believe happiness depends on the person. According to the poll results on my website as of 11/9/14:

Joy, Love and Peace were the ingredients of happiness.  Faith and Family were very close behind.

What do these results tell us?  How do we receive joy, love and peace into our lives?

After pondering on these questions I wrote down some things which provide me joy, love and peace.

Here are a few things I wrote down:

  • Drinking a large cup of coffee on a cool day
  • Watching the sunrise and sunset
  • Taking a hike in the beautiful outdoors
  • Spending time with my family and friends
  • Reading a good book

When examining the list I noticed these were simple things.  Are the simple things in life what give us joy, love and peace?  Are we so busy with other things that we don’t take the time for the simple things?

What does happiness mean to you?    I would love to see your comments and thoughts. ~ Patti

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What are your favorite healthy recipes?

What are some of your favorite recipes?  Free free to share your recipes in the “Leave a Reply” below.

Here are some of my favorite healthy recipes.

Chicken, Wild Rice and Spinach
3 cups water
1 14 ounce chicken broth
1 can of cream of chicken soup
2/3 cup uncooked wild rice
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3 cups cooked chicken or turkey about 1 pound
2 cups fresh spinach
1. In a 3 1/2 or 4 quart slow cooker combine the water, broth, soup, uncooked rice, thyme and pepper.
2. cover and cook on low heat setting for 7 to 8 hours
3. To serve stir in chicken and spinach.
Makes 6 – 1 1/2 cup servings


1 1/4 ground turkey or ground chicken
(2) cans kidney beans
(2) cans pinto beans
(2) cans black beans
(1) can diced tomatoes
(1) can tomato sauce
(1) small can green chili’s
(1) package of taco seasoning
pinch of garlic salt
pinch of salt and pepper

Cook meat and add all the other ingredients. Heat for 20 minutes on the stove at medium heat.

Sloppy Joes
1 1/4 ground turkey or ground chicken
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
1 can chicken with rice soup
1 15 oz. can of tomato sauce
1/2 cup of catsup
optional: green peppers, onions and cheddar cheese

Cook meat and add all the other ingredients, bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium and simmer for 15 minutes. Serve on wheat buns or small tortillas

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A Work in Progress

Realizing I am a work in progress has given me plenty of opportunities to learn and grow! ~ Patti

  • How are you experiencing new things?
  • What are the advantages of creating new opportunities?

    Are you a work in progress?

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