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Having Organization At Home With An Overloaded Life [Audio]


Having Organization At Home With An Overloaded Life

Some of us suffer with overloaded schedules.  There is not enough time to keep a clean house, buy groceries, make meals, walk the dog, play with the kids, go to children’s sporting events, do the yard work and have a little down time to enjoy life.

Here are some tips to help with home organization: 

  • Do a load of wash everyday.  Fold the clothes immediately after pulling them out of the dryer and put them away.
  • Make a meal plan once a week and go grocery shopping to get everything for the meals.  Crockpot/Slow Cooker recipes are a great way to pre-prepare food items in clear plastic ziplock bags; then throw everything for that meal in the crockpot that morning, turn on the crockpot and away you go.  When you come home you have a dinner ready to serve.
  • Have breakfast food prepared and available for the week; such as breakfast bars, fruit and breakfast burritos.  This way everyone can eat on the commute if needed.
  • Make snack bags.  Buy fruit, vegetables and snack foods.  Put these items in small clear plastic ziplock bags for the week.  These snack bags can be grabbed on the run.
  • Make lunches the night before so they are available in the morning before everyone leaves to go to school or work.
  • Have everyone select and lay out their out fits for the next day before going to bed.
  • Have everyone in the household put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  When dishwasher is full, turn on the dishwasher right before going to bed.  The next morning you have clean dishes.  Unload the dishwasher when you get home from work.

If your budget allows why not hire someone to do a couple of these chores for you which have been piling up around you, causing anxiety, stress and holding you back on enjoying some much needed rest.

Here are some examples of housework you may consider hiring someone else to do for you:

  • Folding laundry
  • Cleaning the house
  • Doing your yard work
  • Delivering of groceries
  • Preparing weekly meals for you and your family

Having some of these tasks off of your schedule will allow you to do other things you enjoy.


Now, you have some options and tips to put into action.  Get the whole family involved in doing some of these small duties and watch what a difference it will make with home organization.  If all else fails, hire someone to do some of these small tasks and feel the anxiety and stress go away with these chores completed.

I would love to see your comments about what options you have put into action and how it is going.

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8 Tips to Organize Your Workspace


Are you buried in paper?  Does your desk have no open space left?  Are you constantly searching for things on your desk?  Well, you are not alone.  I struggle with this as well.  Alright, it is time to get organized and de-cluttered.

Here are some tips for us to start the process of having a clean, de-cluttered, organized functional work space:

Tip #1 ~ Have a Vision:  Start with a vision of what you want your desk to look like.  Share this vision with everyone you know for a support system.  You may even get some help to clear and clean your desk.  🙂

Tip # 2 ~ Create Time: Block out time each day to work on de-cluttering and clearing off your work space.

Tip # 3 ~ Decide What is Important to Keep:  Ask yourself what is a “must have” on your desk and keep those things.  Move them to a safe location so they don’t accidentally get thrown away.  Go get a large trash can, a shredder and large box for items to give away.  You may need two large boxes if it is anything like my desk.

Tip #4 ~ Give Away Boxes:  Start with the give away boxes.  This will help ease the process for you.  You will feel like you are making a difference by giving away to others.  After you have completed the give away boxes, let’s move to the throw away stuff.

Tip#5 ~ Time to Purge: Start throwing away items with no use, no longer needed or wanted.  Fill up that large trash can.  Just do it!

Tip #6 ~ Time to Shred:  Time to shred the paper, files and materials which are out of date, the record retention dates have passed and it is no longer needed.  If you haven’t touch it in a year, “Do you really need to keep it?”

Tip # 7 ~ Create Colored Folders:  The paper files you need to keep.  Create colored meeting and project folders.  File them off your desk in a cabinet or box.  After this is completed, it is important to file these folders daily.  Put them back where you got them so your desk stays clear.

Tip #8 ~   Time to Sparkle:  Wipe down your desk with cleaning products and arrange your “must haves” on your clean sparkling desk.

Take Away:

Now, you have a clean de-cluttered workspace.  According to research studies when you have a clear de-cluttered desk you are more motivated and productive.  You are able to find things quickly and are not wasting time looking for important documents.  I would love to see your comments about your work space.  

Do you feel more motivated and productive with a clean de-cluttered work space?

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Leaders ~ How To Get Your Team Focused and Engaged!


What is the key to getting employees focused and engaged in their work? This question is what leaders want to know. Is there a magical formula? Not really; however, there are a few actions a leader can do to make a difference. 

Alright, let’s find out what they are:

  • Start with talking to your employees. Getting to know them and show interest in them. Ask them how they are doing. Let them speak and listen to them. Provide some open dialogue throughout the conversation. Look at them while they are talking. Eye contact is good. Don’t be looking at your computer or iPad. Be present instead of thinking about other things.
  • Spend time learning about your employee. What are their backgrounds, interests, and values?
  • Provide on-the-job training to help them to succeed. Find out learning style? Visual, hearing, reading a manual or procedures, hands-on learning, etc.
  • Give employees opportunities to grow in personal development. Employees who can develop their work skills and a creative mindset will more likely stay and promote within the company.
  • Give employees special projects and assignments outside their regular job duties. Employees who are satisfied and learning new things are much more engaged and focused at work.
  • Coach employees with encouragement and act on their suggestions if possible.
  • Encourage employees to network within the company.
  • Have employees participate in the hiring process and have the whole team meet potential candidates. Is this candidate someone who will work well with the team? Get their feedback and perspective. They have to work with this person just as much as you do.
  • Provide some recognition to the hard-working employees and the ones who complete their projects within the target timeframes. Please show your appreciation for their accomplishments. Say “thank you” and give them praise for their excellent work.
  • Encourage employees to take breaks to help them get refocused and inspired. Stepping away for a few minutes rejuvenate people.
  • Set clear expectations and make sure your employees understand what expectations. Be clear and direct about workplace goals and objectives. Put the expectation in writing and follow-up with the employee on their progress. They may be struggling and may need some guidance to find another way to get the task completed. Break down tasks into small achievable steps. This way, they won’t feel overwhelmed and start procrastinating.


Employees stay with leaders who show interest in them. They are more engaged and focused when they feel appreciated, making a difference and giving credit for their contributions. When a leader reflects gratitude towards their employees, everyone will want to work each day and give their all! ~ Patti

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Get Focus Back

Be determined

Summer is coming to a close and children are back to school.  Vacation time has ended and it is time to get re-focused on work and juggling all the personal tasks of the new school year.  Getting back to school routines, parent-teachers meetings, children sports activities, children homework schedules, bed time routines and getting to work on time and just plain time to start focusing at work.  Here are some tips to get re-focused at work.

Eliminate Distractions:

Take control of all distractions such as responding immediately to email notifications, incoming voice mail messages, texts, instant messages, social media notifications and set specific times  and limits for these activities.  When at work limit personal stuff on your breaks and lunches.  Concentrate by tuning out or turning off all distractions and make a commitment to that specific task.  Halt negative self talk and thinking and replace these thoughts with positive affirmations.  Envision how you will feel after the task or project is completed.

Set Goals:

Tackle difficult, tedious, creative and important tasks first.  Pay attention to what time you are the most focused through out the day and work on the toughest tasks at those times.  Make a list of what needs to be accomplished.  Separate time-consuming tasks or projects into smaller easier tasks.  This way it won’t appear so overwhelming and it will be more manageable.  Having a goal or purpose will keep you motivated and focused.

Leave Work at Work:

Give your mind rest by stepping away from work situations.  This will help get rid of frustration and give you time to come up with solutions when back at work.  Spend time with family and friends and don’t engage in work conversations.  Take the break and enjoy life outside of work.

A lack of focus is a big hinderance on getting things done!  Procrastination is a big waste of time.  Stop putting off those difficult or undesirable tasks.  Acknowledge that you are stepping out of your comfort zone to get these things completed so they don’t consume you with anxiety and worry.  Once the task or project is completed you can move on to more enjoyable tasks and have a great sense of accomplishment.  Be determined with commitment to yourself, employer, co-workers and clients to get re-focused at work.   This will make work life so much more enjoyable when tasks and projects get completed in a timely fashion.  Celebrate your accomplishments and smile at a job well done.

Affirmation for this week:

I stay Focused on Task!

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