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Exploring the Work Life of the Sh*t Show Manager and Supervisor From Chaos to Calm

In this episode, there will be some adult language.

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How’s it going, Managers and Supervisors?

My husband was looking at Facebook and saw an advertisement for a hat that said “Sh*t Show Supervisor. He sent it to me, and we both laughed. I said I should do a podcast episode on the Sh*t Show Manager and Supervisor, get the hat, and wear it while recording it. Too funny. I did consider it, and I might get one. 🙂

What is your definition of a Sh*t Show Manager and Supervisor?

A Sh*t Show Manager or Supervisor is a funny, sarcastic phrase for any manager or supervisor who has to deal with constant chaos, situations that are out of control, and managing of staff, which often turns out badly a total mess, failure, or a downright disaster.

Let’s get real here, Managers and Supervisors are the dumping ground for everything. They get the blame from the top and below. They are in the daily firing range and constantly try to dodge a bullet throughout the workday, every day while at work.

As the years go by, as managers or supervisors, the daily grind starts to wear on them, and some get to the point they don’t give a sh*t anymore, and some are just trying to get through the day without dealing with constant chaos. The job can jade the person’s faith in others, and they start questioning people’s motives and behaviors, especially if they experience betrayal and backstabbing in the workplace.

If you have ever been a manager or supervisor at some time or another, you have lived in the “Sh*t Show work environment. 

If not, were you doing your job or just skating through?

Or truly blessed with a great work environment and wonderful people who worked well together? 

Are you brand new in the manager position or a veteran?

Now, what about the Sh*t Show Managers and Supervisors that love the chaos and are the direct cause of it? They thrive in this environment and love seeing their team under constant pressure, making mistakes, and failing so they can save the day. So how did they get into the position in the first place? Were they good at the technical aspect of the job and got promoted due to that but lacked the people skills? 

The life of a Manager and Supervisor can be lonely at times, working late and may even struggle with an unbalanced home life due to the work stress and the pressures of demands placed on them, which trickle into every aspect of their life.

So, here’s some self-reflection to consider:

Are you a Sh*t Show Manager or Supervisor?

Or a good leader?

What do your employees tell their family, friends, and coworkers about you?

I would love your thoughts on this topic.

Today’s podcast Affirmation:

I let go of my old ways and embrace new ones!

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Until next time when we meet again!

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Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Podcast March 2023 Give Away

Angela and Patti are having a give away in March 2023 for the BBR digital journal and meditation.

Below Angela explains how to enter the get away:

Here’s how to enter our Giveaway by following us on Spotify:

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Winner will be drawn April 3rd! Good luck!

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Episode 71 – Does Changing Your Mindset After Fifty Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Rebecca Ronane

Welcome to Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti.

We have a special guest on this podcast episode, Rebecca Ronane, Life Coach, Podcaster, and Author.

Rebecca Ronane moved from London to a small village in Provence, France, in 1995. She lives with her partner Alain and their dog Myrtle. She worked in the travel industry for thirty years; however, a breast cancer diagnosis quickly followed by a job loss in 2012 allowed her to change direction, although she didn’t feel it then.

A coaching course in 2014 opened the door to a different chapter in her life journey. Since training as a coach, she has set up her businesses, Forward After Fifty and Network Provence. As a result, she has two websites, two podcast shows, and not one but several businesses to her name. She has experienced that moving forward after fifty has the potential to be the most exciting part of your life.

A suggestion in 2021 that Rebecca writes a book was a little like looking down on someone else’s life and ambitions, as it had never been on her agenda. The book was published in January of 2023 and is called Forward After 50: The Rising Reinventors. The book gives insights into how we might limit ourselves in thinking and talking about aging. It’s about changing your mindset around aging today – start associating aging with generating instead of degenerating.

Rebecca discusses:

1. Why she became so passionate about living a great life Forward After Fifty?

2. How can women celebrate and embrace turning fifty?

3. Why do you think women fear aging?

4. How is your mindset the secret weapon towards aging?

5. About her book “Forward After 50: The Rising Reinventors“?

6. And so much more.

Thank you so much for listening; please follow and share the podcast with others, and check out Rebecca Ronane’s:
website and her book Forward After 50: The Rising Reinventors.

BBR Journal & Mediation

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Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti – Podcast Goals for March 2023

Angela Ambrosia and Patti Oskvarek are sharing our March 2023 podcast goals and asking for our listeners support to help achieve them.

Goals for March 2023:

❤️ Reach 200+ new listens per episode in 30 days

❤️ 50 + new followers on Spotify in 30 days

How can you help?

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