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Exploring Conquering the What Ifs Syndrome of Hiring as a Manager and Supervisor from Chaos to Calm

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Click to listen Episode 16 – Exploring Conquering the What Ifs Syndrome of Hiring as a Manager and Supervisor from Chaos to Calm

Hi, Managers and Supervisors – How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, we are going to explore the hiring process. The hiring process may cause anxiety and overwhelm, especially if you are overthinking the What Ifs.

Let’s explore this scenario –

It is time to hire – A valuable team member who has taken another position, and it is time to start the hiring process for their job. You think you won’t be able to find someone else who could bring as much value to the workplace or be a nightmare of “The What Ifs.”

As a Manager and Supervisor, hiring can be challenging and stressful at the same time. As a result, thoughts run through your head of “The What ifs.”

What if’s – I choose the wrong person for the position. They have interviewed well and know what to say, but they are not coachable or have a toxic attitude towards customers, coworkers, and me when they come in.

Yes, hiring someone may be stressful for you, your team, and the interviewee. Wanting to make the right decision can, at times, overtake you. Relax, pause and take time to clear your mind to reason. You can make the final decision in a few days.

List the pros and cons of the top two candidates. What did they communicate from the interview and resume (CV), and what strengths does the team want and need from the potential candidate to make the team unit more substantial and efficient? What expertise does this candidate bring that can help the team succeed?

Things to consider in the hiring process:

  • Have a least one team member in the interview.
  • How about bringing back the two top candidates for a second interview and having them interact with your team?
  • Have team members review the job duties and discuss with them an average day. Candidates feel at ease with team members and may open up more.
  • After their interaction with the candidate, have the candidate meet with you again informally to ask questions they may have. Putting this into action will tell you a lot the more relaxed they are, and you will get more of a feel of their personality.
  • Later after the top two candidates have come back for the second interview and met with staff, ask the staff what their thoughts are. Remember, they have to work with this person. Their opinions are priceless because they could save a lot of damage to you and the team in the end, and this is where trust and honesty come into play. Do they feel comfortable telling you how they think? Do they feel safe expressing their opinions?
  • Now you have the ultimate decision and are responsible for it. The team will understand and respect your decision if you have communicated well with your team. Your employees must know that you appreciate their feedback and respect their perspectives.
  • Some employees may feel more comfortable giving feedback privately, and sometimes the team may want a group meeting to share their thoughts with you. That is where you know you have a team that cares about the job and the work environment and you as their leader.

It is rare in a workplace to have this hiring practice and employees’ honest feedback. As a manager or supervisor, you want to strive for this kind of teamwork and work environment.

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I hire the best candidate for the job!

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