Coaching with Patti

Patti Oskvarek helps managers and supervisors to become better leaders while living a more purposeful, balanced life outside of work.

Coaching can bring so much inspiration for Individuals and their careers.

Coach Patti works with individuals and groups on a wide range of available services. Each service is unique for each client or group based on the objectives and goals and offers various coaching services, including life coaching, work-life balance, career, and business.

There are individual one-on-one sessions available for Life and Leadership Coaching without a package.

Hand Drawn Personal Development Concept on Chalkboard.

Life coaching is for individuals who want assistance in finding balance, harmony, and happiness in their personal lives. A life coach can help with specific challenges and guide you through steps to achieve balance.

Life Coaching One on One Coaching Sessions and Packages are available.  For more information or to schedule a coaching session click the “Schedule Now” Button below.



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Leadership Coaching for the mid-level managers and supervisors feeling stuck. Ready to create opportunities for growth within. To become better leaders and those who have not reached the top of their career goals wanting support while having a personal life outside of work.

Leadership coaching for Mid-Level Managers or Supervisors, One-on-One Coaching Sessions, and Packages ARE Available. For information or Schedule a Session, Click “Schedule NOW” below.



To schedule a one-on-one coaching session, a coaching package, or a complimentary discovery call, click on the “Schedule Now” button below.