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Episode  78 – Building Better Relationships By Intuitively Connecting From Within – Special Guest Silvia Leva

Click to listen to Episode  78 – Building Better Relationships By Intuitively Connecting From Within

In this podcast episode we have a Special Guest Silvia Leva, Content Creator and YouTuber of Colorful Foresight.

Silvia Leva is a content creator. On her YouTube Channel, ⁠Colorful Foresight ⁠is about where we intuitively connect from within. The topics are intuitive in nature from spirituality to current events. And in Colorful Foresight, there is a playlist section called “It’s Woo Woo Time! where a new video will be posted on Tuesdays. It’s Woo Woo Time! is about connecting the woo woo and bringing it into our mundane living.

Some of things Silvia shared:

*About her YouTube Channel called ⁠Colorful Foresight⁠

*What is intuition for her

*How she discovered her intuitive abilities

*Accepting her gifts and abilities

*How does our intuition help our relationships or create deeper connections in our relationships

*And much more.

Thank you so much for listening, please share the podcast with others, follow us on Spotify and check out Silvia’s ⁠Colorful Foresight ⁠YouTube channel and Join Silvia on Tuesdays for new videos to Connect the Woo Woo and Bring it into our Mundane Living.

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To learn more about Angela’s Dance for Joy Event:

Join her for 3 Magical Workshops in Sydney’s Authentic Living Centre where we connect with each other and create a new dance of PEACE, LOVE, JOY and the heart of who we TRULY ARE. Dance for Joy with World Dance And Sufi Movement Workshop. Oct 26, 2023, Nov 2, 2023, and Nov 9, 2023. ⁠⁠⁠

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Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti – Creating Healthy Boundaries

Welcome to Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti – Real, heart-centered, and fun conversations about life. In this Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti, we discuss Creating Healthy Boundaries.

Click to watch video of Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti – Creating Healthy Boundaries.

Some of the topics of discussion:

Setting boundaries and respectfully communicating 

What is the purpose of setting boundaries

What is the benefit of having healthy boundaries with a situation or person?

What are some successful boundaries you have created for yourself?

Gaia has a special October 2023 offer. 
As Gaia has been there, she wants to help you to get to a healthier place with your boundaries.She is revealing her special offer for October. A special price ($250, usually $300) for her 3-Part mini journey, AWE.

You get:

 A: one remote session with here on Awareness: you will go deeper emotionally and energetically to understand why you may block your way to healthier boundaries

 W: Clear and heal your boundaries makeup via a Nervous system Rewiring and Soul Coaching session (so your body, mind, and soul are effortlessly on board with your newly set boundaries)

 E: Your Energy will also need to shift to make room for new positive changes, catapulting you to take action. Abundance and joy will follow.

All sessions are remote.

To contact Gaia for information, go to

To learn more about Coaches Gaia and Patti:

Gaia’s website:

Patti’s website:

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Exploring the Feelings of Working in a Toxic Workplace as a Manager and Supervisor

Click to listen to the podcast Episode 25 Exploring the Feelings of Working in a Toxic Workplace as a Manager and Supervisor


Managers and Supervisors

How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, we will explore the feelings of working in a toxic workplace as a manager and supervisor. 

Are we responsible for other’s attitudes and responses toward us and others? 

It depends on how we treat people and ourselves. If we are abrupt, condescending, and demanding, we may be responsible for how people respond and react to that behavior towards them. How do you feel or respond to a boss, co-worker, peers, and others in the workplace or outside of work who are rude, unkind, or harsh in their tone with you?

What are the effects of working in a toxic environment?

I know how I felt. I didn’t like the person I was becoming, working in a hostile and toxic environment. I lost my compassion, empathy, joy, and excitement and was untrusting and sometimes judgmental towards others. The untrusting thoughts of thinking people had an unsavory agenda, feeling unsafe, bulldozing me, watching the Sh*t Storm every day around me, and trying to cope with the emotions of dealing with the daily grind and having to fake it to get by. 

Daily, I felt like I was giving away my power and values or losing kindness and happiness through people’s interactions and nasty behaviors, which had nothing to do with me. Still, I was feeling responsible for the unhappiness around me. Being highly sensitive can be a blessing and a curse in the workplace and home. Is it my stuff, or is it others? The trick is identifying whose crap it is. Letting go and not holding on to it or overthinking all of it. It’s not about me; I needed to remind myself that it’s not my responsibility for other people’s BS.

Empathy without boundaries doesn’t work and can be self-destructive and disruptive to the workplace. 

When I became a supervisor, I wanted to help people and make a positive difference in my employee’s lives. As managers and supervisors, we coach, teach, and mentor the others around us, but they have the choice of how they show up, respond, and behave. When out of balance, we project on the people around us. Taking time away is good for us to regroup, refocus, and destress when we feel we have lost empathy and compassion. 

Are our actions contributing to a positive, negative, or neutral outcome in the workplace environment energy? 

What are the results of working in a cohesive, collaborative, supportive environment?

When we realize how we show up daily in our workplace as someone who wants to make a positive difference in other people’s lives, the work environment becomes productive, enjoyable, and cohesive, and the atmosphere changes for the better. 

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I choose to let go of what I can’t control!

I would love your thoughts on this topic, and if there is a topic you would like me to explore, please leave a comment. 

If you are struggling with the daily grind and feel alone, a leadership coach like me will help you work through those everyday challenges to continue moving forward to where you want to be. 

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Until next time when we meet again!

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