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Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti – Creating Healthy Boundaries

Welcome to Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti – Real, heart-centered, and fun conversations about life. In this Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti, we discuss Creating Healthy Boundaries.

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Some of the topics of discussion:

Setting boundaries and respectfully communicating 

What is the purpose of setting boundaries

What is the benefit of having healthy boundaries with a situation or person?

What are some successful boundaries you have created for yourself?

Gaia has a special October 2023 offer. 
As Gaia has been there, she wants to help you to get to a healthier place with your boundaries.She is revealing her special offer for October. A special price ($250, usually $300) for her 3-Part mini journey, AWE.

You get:

 A: one remote session with here on Awareness: you will go deeper emotionally and energetically to understand why you may block your way to healthier boundaries

 W: Clear and heal your boundaries makeup via a Nervous system Rewiring and Soul Coaching session (so your body, mind, and soul are effortlessly on board with your newly set boundaries)

 E: Your Energy will also need to shift to make room for new positive changes, catapulting you to take action. Abundance and joy will follow.

All sessions are remote.

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