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Episode  78 – Building Better Relationships By Intuitively Connecting From Within – Special Guest Silvia Leva

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In this podcast episode we have a Special Guest Silvia Leva, Content Creator and YouTuber of Colorful Foresight.

Silvia Leva is a content creator. On her YouTube Channel, ⁠Colorful Foresight ⁠is about where we intuitively connect from within. The topics are intuitive in nature from spirituality to current events. And in Colorful Foresight, there is a playlist section called “It’s Woo Woo Time! where a new video will be posted on Tuesdays. It’s Woo Woo Time! is about connecting the woo woo and bringing it into our mundane living.

Some of things Silvia shared:

*About her YouTube Channel called ⁠Colorful Foresight⁠

*What is intuition for her

*How she discovered her intuitive abilities

*Accepting her gifts and abilities

*How does our intuition help our relationships or create deeper connections in our relationships

*And much more.

Thank you so much for listening, please share the podcast with others, follow us on Spotify and check out Silvia’s ⁠Colorful Foresight ⁠YouTube channel and Join Silvia on Tuesdays for new videos to Connect the Woo Woo and Bring it into our Mundane Living.

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To learn more about Angela’s Dance for Joy Event:

Join her for 3 Magical Workshops in Sydney’s Authentic Living Centre where we connect with each other and create a new dance of PEACE, LOVE, JOY and the heart of who we TRULY ARE. Dance for Joy with World Dance And Sufi Movement Workshop. Oct 26, 2023, Nov 2, 2023, and Nov 9, 2023. ⁠⁠⁠

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