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Get Focus Back

Be determined

Summer is coming to a close and children are back to school.  Vacation time has ended and it is time to get re-focused on work and juggling all the personal tasks of the new school year.  Getting back to school routines, parent-teachers meetings, children sports activities, children homework schedules, bed time routines and getting to work on time and just plain time to start focusing at work.  Here are some tips to get re-focused at work.

Eliminate Distractions:

Take control of all distractions such as responding immediately to email notifications, incoming voice mail messages, texts, instant messages, social media notifications and set specific times  and limits for these activities.  When at work limit personal stuff on your breaks and lunches.  Concentrate by tuning out or turning off all distractions and make a commitment to that specific task.  Halt negative self talk and thinking and replace these thoughts with positive affirmations.  Envision how you will feel after the task or project is completed.

Set Goals:

Tackle difficult, tedious, creative and important tasks first.  Pay attention to what time you are the most focused through out the day and work on the toughest tasks at those times.  Make a list of what needs to be accomplished.  Separate time-consuming tasks or projects into smaller easier tasks.  This way it won’t appear so overwhelming and it will be more manageable.  Having a goal or purpose will keep you motivated and focused.

Leave Work at Work:

Give your mind rest by stepping away from work situations.  This will help get rid of frustration and give you time to come up with solutions when back at work.  Spend time with family and friends and don’t engage in work conversations.  Take the break and enjoy life outside of work.

A lack of focus is a big hinderance on getting things done!  Procrastination is a big waste of time.  Stop putting off those difficult or undesirable tasks.  Acknowledge that you are stepping out of your comfort zone to get these things completed so they don’t consume you with anxiety and worry.  Once the task or project is completed you can move on to more enjoyable tasks and have a great sense of accomplishment.  Be determined with commitment to yourself, employer, co-workers and clients to get re-focused at work.   This will make work life so much more enjoyable when tasks and projects get completed in a timely fashion.  Celebrate your accomplishments and smile at a job well done.

Affirmation for this week:

I stay Focused on Task!

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