Self Employment and Work/Life Balance [Guest Blogger]

Self Employment and Work/Life Balance by Rebecca Ronane

I am living in France and the cultural attitude to work and play is sometimes very different to the Anglo-Saxon.  The month of November has two holidays the 1st  All Saints Day and  the 11th Armistice day and often as it happened this year with the 1st it fell on a Thursday, therefore the ‘pont ‘ (bridge) is taken which is the Friday, followed by the weekend and ‘voila’ you have your four days!  Joie de Vivre (the Good Life) is taken seriously here! In fact 2018 claimed 12 public holidays and then depending on how long you’ve worked you will have a bountiful  annual paid one too.

Does that mean the French style is a lazy one, no not at all, it happens to be at number 14 of the most productive countries in the world while my own country the UK doesn’t appear in the top 15! Does this  mean that more days off, lead to better productivity, and happiness, for worker and boss alike?  Japan the country with the least depression apparently, but the highest suicide, has a regular 40 hour week, but people there are well-known for putting in an extraordinary amount of overtime. It’s tricky to find out which country in general is doing work/life balance correctly. In the end it is left to ourselves to get it right!

In my work-world which has been the self employment one, work/life balance  interestingly can sit on a fine line. I’ve been a tour director (leading/organising groups on holidays) and for many years one worked 15 hours a day, or even more for 6/7 months then a 5 months free, which may sound idyllic, however the mental stress of worrying where your next job might come from, often eradicates the potential pleasure. I’m lucky to have had an understanding  partner in the same profession, but for those  trying to settle back into a balanced life style it can be difficult. Finding the perfect scenario is placing boundary lines within the structure of your working life and  managing to say ‘No’ to a job to save your sanity, not an easy option when organising your own finances and responsibilities.

Self employment might mean working for non scrupulous boss bullies, it’s tricky when you want that ‘job’ which someone else who might have a different set of values or simply feels they have to put up with being bullied as long as money is coming in.  No benefits of any kind, but perhaps less tax  seems appealing, but unless your discipline has stretched to creating plans for your future you can end up being at a loss.

Creating your own business from home appeals to me no end, no boss except yourself, no-one telling you when or what time you must start except yourself, no-one holding you accountable except yourself!

Ok, yourself has to be the perfect time manager, the perfect boundary liner, when  your partner starts a conversation on what we might be eating tonight and whose going to do the shopping. The self discipline to eliminate self distraction, whether it might be family, friends, calls and social media is another milestone.

There are so many pros and cons in whatever work structure you find yourself in, the most important is that you have the wisdom  and discipline to nourish all your needs. The majority of us have to work, to earn money, to be constructive and valued, but all of us will need to counter-balance the necessities to stay healthy in mind and body.

Boundaries and confidence to move away from work situations which don’t make you happy could be the answer. Self discovery to find out what makes you jump for joy, because certainly we all deserve to have happiness in our daily lives at work and at play. ~ Rebecca Ronane 

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About Rebecca Ronane:
I am a Briti living in the south of France with my husband and scruffy dog Myrtle. After thirty years in the travel industry and in my fifties I found Life Coaching and was overwhelmed at the difference this can make to people’s lives, so I decided to study and become one myself! Having reinvented myself I know how to unleash the Magic that women have later in their lives whether personal, or business. I have always worked with groups and I currently run Cappuccino coaching in Aix en Provence a program for like-minded women to explore confidence boosting topics.
My journey has also led me to creating the successful Network Provence a networking group for women to promote their business/project or socialise, meetings which take place on a monthly basis.
During the summer months I am still actively involved in taking organised groups around Europe, as well as my own coaching vacations here in Provence named ‘Holiday Retreats in Provence’.


The Many Masks of Loneliness [Podcast]

Episode 3 – The Many Masks of Loneliness Podcast

This episode is about The Many Masks of Loneliness Podcast

What lies behind the masks? 

Warning Signs of Loneliness:
1. Shopping a lot and care a lot about material possessions
2. Binge watching TV
3. Feel don’t get enough sleep. Constantly tired. Sleep fragmentation when you can’t sleep through the night and are continuously waking up.
4. Take a lot of hot showers or baths for comfort.
5. Get sick a lot with colds.
6. Feeling depressed.
7. Spend a lot of time of time on social media.

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I used to be a people person then people ruined it! ~ unknown

My husband and I were at WalMart and we saw this phrase on a T-shirt.  I held up the T-shirt and said I am going to buy this.  Being a leadership and work-life balance coach my job is to encourage people not to feel this way.  So why did I want to buy the T-Shirt?  Well, to be honest I had many days that I felt this way.

Have you ever felt this way?  I know I did throughout my career especially when knee-deep in the day-to-day grind (Bull Sh*t).  There were days I would go home and think why are people so hateful, judgmental, petty and disrespectful.  Myself included.

What happened to kindness, empathy and compassion?

Reflection Questions About Daily Interactions With Ambitious People

Why is everything about who can “one up” each other?

Why is “knowledge power”?  Instead of sharing it.

What happened to being genuinely happy for a coworker and recognizing their accomplishments?

Why is being so “busy” acceptable and “ignoring” family okay?

When will these concepts change in leadership?

Is anybody else out there ready for a mind shift in some basic decency and respect towards others? I know I am!

How about you?

To answer the 🔥 burning question:  Did I buy the T-Shirt?Yes, I did. 🙂

P.S.  I have received so many comments from people when I wear this T-Shirt.  Like: That shirt is so funny.  Oh, that shirt is so true.  I love that shirt! Why do you think that is?

Would love to see your thoughts and comments about this topic. ~ Patti

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Day 5 of 5 Day Power of Positivity Challenge

Welcome to Day 5 of the 5 Day

Power of Positivity Challenge.

Today’s challenge is to Compliment instead of Gossip.

I was listening to the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin awhile back and they were talking about using the practice of reverse gossip.  This means when someone is gossiping about another person to you.  Say something nice about the person being gossiped about.  The gossiper usually stops talking about that person.  I have tried this technique a few times and it really has worked.

A compliment is a precious gift, so why aren’t we giving them out more?

Offering a sincere compliment makes people feel valued and accepted.  Awareness of the good in others helps us to think more positive.  Not getting sucked into gossip and the courage to walk away from it can reflect a lot about someone’s character.  If more people said nice things about each other instead of the dreadful, this world would be a much happier place.  Walk away from hurtful mean words.  Most gossip isn’t true anyway and it causes anguish to the person who is being gossiped about.  No good comes from gossip.  A compliment can change someone’s day from feeling very low to experiencing worthiness.  When receiving a compliment, listen, smile and then say thank you.

When someone gives you a compliment, believe them. ~ Molly Simms

The Day 5 Challenge:

  • Give at least one compliment each day to someone.  Be genuine and honest with your compliment.  Some examples: Write a note, letter or send a text to someone and tell them what they mean to you or thank them in person for something nice they did.
  • Use the technique of reverse gossip and/or walk away from the conversation.

A compliment is verbal sunshine! ☀️~ Robert Orben

We all have negative emotions and it’s okay.  We can’t be positive every moment of the day, that is literally impossible.  Bad stuff happens.  Even upbeat happy fun loving people aren’t feeling it all the time.  You can strive to be a good person and give a kind compliment.  You may never know what that nice gesture meant to someone and how it could brighten their day for the better. ☀️ ~ Patti

How about making someone’s day today by giving them a compliment! 🙂

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer everybody else up! ~ Mark Twain

Thank you for spending time with me during this 5 Day challenge.  My wish for you is that these daily challenges inspired more positivity within your life and shined out to those around you! ☀️

Share your compliment experiences in the “leave a reply” below. I would love to see your comments and what types of reactions you got! ❤️

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Day 4 of 5 Power of Positivity

Welcome to Day 4 of the 5 Day

Power of Positivity Challenge.

Today’s challenge is about spending time in prayer and meditation to increase positivity in your daily life.

Prayer and meditation is powerful. These activities release the feel-good chemicals into the brain.  What and how we think does have a huge impact on our body, mood and immune system.  Prayer and meditation decreases our reactions to negative situations.

Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God! ~ unknown

When feeling stressed, angry or out of control, step away from the situation and pray about it.  When praying, it removes us from the emotion and we give it to God.  People who pray often see health benefits and experience peace.

Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life. ~ Bryant McGill

Here is an example of a short prayer to ask for guidance for positivity:

Dear God,
When I have negative thoughts, please help me to quickly recognize them and guide me to focus on what is good and positive in my life. ~ Amen

Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts.  When meditating it has been proven to increase calmness, improve relaxation and help one cope with chronic illnesses.  Some people use meditation to create a more positive outlook on life.

Here is a short meditation to get you started:

Your mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. ~ Arnold Bennet

Day 3 challenge is when you feel upset or overwhelmed, step away and quickly pray about it.  Ask for peace and calmness with the situation.  Also, listen to the short meditation daily.

My prayer for this 5 Day ~ Power of Positivity Challenge, is for all who are participating to be inspired with positivity and that God gives you the strength to resist the negativity around you. ~ Amen

Share your experiences in the “leave a reply” below. I would love to see your comments and maybe it will inspire others as well! ❤️

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