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The Leadership of Pete Nelson – the Treehouse Master

My husband and I enjoyed watching the TV show the Treehouse Masters on the Animal Planet channel.  Pete Nelson is the Treehouse Master.  He is a gentle and kind man.  He is passionate about his job.  He loves to have fun and designs each treehouse very special for his clients.

Treehouses lift the spirits. They inspire dreams. They represent freedom: from adults or adulthood, from duties and responsibilities, from an earthbound perspective. If we can’t fly with the birds, at least we can nest with them. – Pete Nelson

The treehouse(s) that Pete Nelson and his crew build are unique.  Pete meets with his clients and designs what they want.  He spends time getting to know his client(s) by asking questions and really listening to their desires.  He is friendly and open.  Pete gets very excited exploring and finding the perfect location with the right type of tree(s) to support the treehouse. When his clients see the treehouse for the first time their expressions of joy are priceless.

When his clients see the treehouse for the first time their expressions of joy are priceless.

Pete Nelson Leadership Style:   He meets with his crew, gives them instructions and they build the treehouse. Pete gets out of the way and let’s his crew do their jobs.  You can tell the staff love their work.  They joke around but pay attention to detail.  They work in all kinds of weather and still enjoy it.

What can we learn from Pete Nelson leadership style?

  • It is okay to laugh and have fun at work
  • Spend time getting to know your client(s) by asking questions and really listening
  • Take every client(s) challenging request and make it a reality
  • Give your client more than they ever dreamed possible
  • Get out of the way and let your staff do their job
  • Trust your staff that they will do a great job when you are not around

Discussion Question:

What can you incorporate starting today in your leadership from Pete Nelson example as a leader?

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