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8 Tips to Organize Your Workspace


Are you buried in paper?  Does your desk have no open space left?  Are you constantly searching for things on your desk?  Well, you are not alone.  I struggle with this as well.  Alright, it is time to get organized and de-cluttered.

Here are some tips for us to start the process of having a clean, de-cluttered, organized functional work space:

Tip #1 ~ Have a Vision:  Start with a vision of what you want your desk to look like.  Share this vision with everyone you know for a support system.  You may even get some help to clear and clean your desk.  🙂

Tip # 2 ~ Create Time: Block out time each day to work on de-cluttering and clearing off your work space.

Tip # 3 ~ Decide What is Important to Keep:  Ask yourself what is a “must have” on your desk and keep those things.  Move them to a safe location so they don’t accidentally get thrown away.  Go get a large trash can, a shredder and large box for items to give away.  You may need two large boxes if it is anything like my desk.

Tip #4 ~ Give Away Boxes:  Start with the give away boxes.  This will help ease the process for you.  You will feel like you are making a difference by giving away to others.  After you have completed the give away boxes, let’s move to the throw away stuff.

Tip#5 ~ Time to Purge: Start throwing away items with no use, no longer needed or wanted.  Fill up that large trash can.  Just do it!

Tip #6 ~ Time to Shred:  Time to shred the paper, files and materials which are out of date, the record retention dates have passed and it is no longer needed.  If you haven’t touch it in a year, “Do you really need to keep it?”

Tip # 7 ~ Create Colored Folders:  The paper files you need to keep.  Create colored meeting and project folders.  File them off your desk in a cabinet or box.  After this is completed, it is important to file these folders daily.  Put them back where you got them so your desk stays clear.

Tip #8 ~   Time to Sparkle:  Wipe down your desk with cleaning products and arrange your “must haves” on your clean sparkling desk.

Take Away:

Now, you have a clean de-cluttered workspace.  According to research studies when you have a clear de-cluttered desk you are more motivated and productive.  You are able to find things quickly and are not wasting time looking for important documents.  I would love to see your comments about your work space.  

Do you feel more motivated and productive with a clean de-cluttered work space?

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  1. Just the encouragement I needed, Patti, as I try to settle into my workspace in my new home! Thank you for sharing these great tips!

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