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Resolving an issue with a co-workers bad behavior

A friend was telling me about a situation at her work.  She has a co-worker that takes a late lunch after the boss leaves for the day and he comes back high and sleeps on the job.  Her other colleagues are scare of him because when he comes down from the high he becomes angry and mean.  My friend has only worked with him a couple of times, since they have different shift schedules and has not encountered this behavior.  The other co-workers don’t feel comfortable saying something to the boss and are afraid to confront him due to his anger issues.  They came to her because they want help.  After she expressed the circumstances I started asking her questions.  Through listening and asking her questions she came up with an action plan on how she is going to approach this situation to resolve it.

Q:        Why is it important for others to come up with their own solutions?

Q:        How would you handle this situation?

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