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What Keeps You Going – When You Feel Like Giving Up?

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At the time of writing this blog post, it had been a struggle for me. I knew I wanted to write a blog post, and I couldn’t think of a topic. I hadn’t been feeling well, and everything seemed to be hard to focus on and do. I had the COVID vaccine and an allergy shot. It hit me hard.  

I talked with my husband about the struggle of a topic, and he said maybe you should write a blog post about this subject.  What keeps you going?  

It is hard to be inspired when you just aren’t feeling it. 🙂 I’m sure we all have felt that way some time or another. 

Pushing through it happens daily for people going to a job they hate. 

How do they get through it?

Is it a mindset of “I have bills to pay, a family to feed, or goals to achieve to make my life easier, and people are relying on me?”

What keeps you going when you don’t feel like doing it?

I think we sometimes put heavy expectations on ourselves as well. So what if I didn’t write a blog post this week? I’m sure my followers would understand or maybe not even notice that I missed a week. I love coaching, writing, podcasting, blogging, and traveling; it inspires me, and my hope is it inspires others.

We all go through things in our lives that can throw us out of wack. It could be a hopeless mindset, family circumstances, a tyrant boss, health issues, or a tragedy. How do we move past it and keep going?

Something to believe in or the will of not giving up?

I asked my followers – What keeps you going – when you feel like giving up?

Here are some of the comments:

  1. Look around you
  2. Never thought to give up, but after a long exhausting day, just seeing my dogs makes me at peace again 
  3. Life is precious, have a good cry sure does help.
  4. Coaches like you!
  5. Faith
  6. Prayer
  7. Family
  8. A cocktail
  9. Friends
  10. Beer
  11. Chocolate

Life circumstances have a way of knocking us down when we weren’t expecting it —having strategies to cope and putting them in place when starting to feel the emotions of giving up helps.

Let’s talk about some quick and easy strategies to get through the day.  

  • Get up and move around
  • Go outside and get some fresh air
  • Eat a healthy snack or meal.
  • Exercise
  • Talk to a friend
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Get creative, paint, color, or draw 
  • Cuddle with your pet 
  • Read a good book
  • Watch or listen to comedy
  • Dance and sing to your favorite songs
  • Do something fun and silly 

Hire a life or career coach like me to help you work through the challenges and continue moving forward to where you want to be with your life.

I would love to hear your strategies and tips on “What keeps you going – when you feel like giving up?

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