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Bad Leadership Styles Series

Bad Leadership Styles Series

Thank you for joining me with the Bad Leadership Styles series. I know as a leader, I have been all of these at one point or another. Recognizing it and realizing there are going to be bad days and we are going to mess up.

Breathe, pause, pray about it, then regroup and apologize when needed. Forgive and let go.

Mistakes and bad experiences help us grow to become better leaders. My intention for this series is to give you insight and wisdom on your own personal leadership journey.

A truly great Boss is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget!  ~ unknown

I hope this series inspired you to become a great boss. ~ Patti

In case you missed any of the Bad Leadership series here are the links below:

The Destruction of the Absentee Leader

The Hazardous Results of the Inflexible Leader

The Signs of a Workplace Bully Leader

The Dangers of Leadership Ghosting

The Draining of Leadership Vampires

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