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You know it is time to RETIRE when…..

It’s “Older Americans Month” and I know as we get older there is always the nagging question… “When is the right time to retire?”  The most practical answer is: You should be planning retirement all your working life.  This will direct you to be financially ready to retire.  However, here are a few ‘real-life’ humorous moments that may mean, you are close.  Enjoy the fun-loving humor with a good laugh and smile! 🙂  Comments are always welcome and please share it with your colleagues and on your social networks!

You know it is time to RETIRE when…..

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You usually have meeting times wrong because there were only email updates.
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When you think “getting lucky” is finding your car in the parking lot.
You have forgotten what the presentation is about… and it’s your presentation.
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You call it THE Facebook or       THE Instagram.
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You don’t know what Instagram is.
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You’ve made this statement in the last 6 months.
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You can’t remember what you were working on…. and are not sure you care to remember.
Senior businessman laughing at office meeting
You chuckle at your young, eager co-workers who think they can change the company from the bottom up.
“Happy Hour” has a wholly different meaning to you and it usually involves sleep.
You look around and everyone is younger than you…  Including the new VP of your department.
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You are no longer offended by being called a “Super cool co-worker …for your age”.
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When your alarm goes off in the morning and you think, do I really need this job.



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