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Resources for Business Leaders

In my line of coaching work, I often offer clients various resources they find helpful.

Below are some resources which are worth looking into for amazing work/life inspiration. 

  •  Ruby McGuire: Tips on how to be more visible in your business.
  •  Sark eMedia: Tips and strategies about blogging to help you become a better blogger for business success.
  • Exceptional Sales Performance:  Blog talk radio episodes with tips to overcome sales call reluctance.
  • Family Business Performance: Tips, tools and strategies for family run businesses.
  • Ana Melikian Phd. ~ Mindset Zone Podcast interviews on mindset.  Our mindsets determine the way we see the world.  Interviews creating experiences to expand the possibilities.
  • Your Liminal Space Retreats:  The retreat group creates a unique and dynamic opportunity for self-exploration, to resolve relationship issues, make deeper connections and gain new perspectives.
  • Stress Angel:  Tips and products for relieving stress.


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