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Episode 74 – Building Better Relationships Through Feeling and Listening to the Body, Heart and Self with Angela Ambrosia

Click to listen to Episode 74 – Building Better Relationships Through Feeling and Listening to the Body, Heart and Self with Angela Ambrosia

In this podcast episode Angela Ambrosia shares about her journey of feeling and listening to the body, heart and self.

Angela Ambrosia is an Energy Healer, Movement Meditation, and Dance Facilitator at Dance with Angela and a teacher of Loving Relationships; she lives in Sydney, Australia. She teaches online classes and private sessions to open you to your healing gifts and natural joy. She works with people to develop their intuition and spiritual growth.

In 2019, she experienced a near-death experience after going into a coma from an aggressive cancer. Angela survived to the amazement of her medical team, friends, and family. In the years since her recovery, Angela realized she denied her own knowing that she would not die because she believed what the hospital thought was true. She is aware of how much we allow the power of others’ beliefs to overshadow our own, even denying our own life. 

She encourages others to learn how to listen to their inner voice while inviting and creating spaces to share themselves with others and experience true connection.

Angela shares:

  • Why she became so passionate about Movement Meditation as a way to discover self-acceptance and love
  • Her journey as a healer and teacher
  • Why do we struggle with accepting our body
  • How listening to our inner self and intuition instead of pleasing others
  • The importance of feeling, sensing and how this helps your students with building better relationships
  • Her Energy Body of Self-Acceptance Program
  • She shares some strategies to have a better relationship with your body and recovery of the body after illness

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