How to Incorporate the Art of Pause into Leadership

As a leader, have you stopped, pause, and reflected before reacting?  I know this can be difficult at times, especially when in the middle of a crisis.  We want to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  When pausing, we won’t jump immediately into the wrong conclusion.

Incorporating the Art of Pause into Leadership:

The PAUSE and REFLECT Technique
When at work and someone is rude to you. Or you don’t agree with them.  Pause for three to five seconds before responding. Pausing will give you time to reframe your reply or decide not to respond at all.

Pause, Reflect and Don’t send an email response you will regret!
I think everyone has sent an email they regretted sending sometime or another.

What if you receive a nasty passive/aggressive email?  
 Before responding to the email.  Write out your reply. Don’t send it and walk away. If possible sleep on it.  Then rewrite the email response, when you have calmed down. Have someone else read it to help tone down the language before hitting the send button.

“Anger doesn’t solve anything.  It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything”. – unknown

Don’t get me wrong as a leader. There are times you have to be direct with employees for them to improve their work performance. We can’t ignore the situation and let it continue. Have a plan on how to address it.  Write it out and practice what and how to say it. There are also times when you do need to respond immediately and make a quick decision. When possible, take the opportunity to pause and reflect. What is happening around you?  It may change your approach and captivate a great solution.

Discussion Questions:

What are your thoughts about the art of pause?

How will you incorporate it into your leadership style?

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Building Better Relationships Facebook Live Today

Join us at Building Better Relationships Facebook Group we will be discussing Rediscovering Yourself & Rebirth.  April 29, 2019  6:00 PM PST 9:00 PM EST and 11:00 AM Next Day in Sydney.

What is the concept of Rediscovering Yourself and Rebirth?

Each day is a new beginning.  The sunrises and the sunsets. Time to release the old and start again.  Wiping the slate clean.  It’s often difficult to release bad situations, relationships or past regrets.  Rediscovering is about looking forward to the future and letting go of the past, which is holding us back on what we really want in life.  When you watch a sunrise it affirms a brand new day and life continues to go on. In the cycle of life, plants died in the fall and rebirth in spring. There is a time to end and a time to begin.  The challenge is facing the fear of transition or change and be willing to rediscover yourself.

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Episode 2 – Getting Social Beyond Social Media – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti [Podcast]


Episode 2Getting Social Beyond Social Media

In case you missed this past podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss being able to be social without being stuck to the phone.

Click here to listen – Getting Social Beyond Social Media

People are losing face to face contact.  There is home schooling, working from home, solo-entrepreneurs, single parenting and much more.  Distance over internet makes people bold, they feel comfort behind electronics.  Interacting face to face, shy people feel more uncomfortable and their not forced to socialize.

How do you get social away from the phone?


  • Go and get face to face with others, and put the phone away.
  • Go to the same place and same time every week and possibly you will see the same people every week and make a connection.
  • Start going to meetups groups.

Patti’s view:

  • Stretch out of your comfort zone.
  • People cut themselves off from social opportunities before they even get there.

Strategy – Pick a place and go once a week.  Get past the What IF of past fear of rejection.  Sometimes you may never know who you may meet by taking a chance.  Take the risk and leave the what-ifs behind.  The most fun times, has been talking to strangers about the weirdest things!

Angela’s view:

Connecting to your heart and writing exercise.

What do you want to experience socially?

  • Not everyone wants romance.
  • If someone invites you to go somewhere.  Say yes.
  • Find people with same interests as you.

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I used to be a people person then people ruined it! ~ unknown

My husband and I were at WalMart and we saw this phrase on a T-shirt.  I held up the T-shirt and said I am going to buy this.  Being a leadership and work-life balance coach my job is to encourage people not to feel this way.  So why did I want to buy the T-Shirt?  Well, to be honest I had many days that I felt this way.

Have you ever felt this way?  I know I did throughout my career especially when knee-deep in the day-to-day grind (Bull Sh*t).  There were days I would go home and think why are people so hateful, judgmental, petty and disrespectful.  Myself included.

What happened to kindness, empathy and compassion?

Reflection Questions About Daily Interactions With Ambitious People

Why is everything about who can “one up” each other?

Why is “knowledge power”?  Instead of sharing it.

What happened to being genuinely happy for a coworker and recognizing their accomplishments?

Why is being so “busy” acceptable and “ignoring” family okay?

When will these concepts change in leadership?

Is anybody else out there ready for a mind shift in some basic decency and respect towards others? I know I am!

How about you?

To answer the 🔥 burning question:  Did I buy the T-Shirt?Yes, I did. 🙂

P.S.  I have received so many comments from people when I wear this T-Shirt.  Like: That shirt is so funny.  Oh, that shirt is so true.  I love that shirt! Why do you think that is?

Would love to see your thoughts and comments about this topic. ~ Patti

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Day 3 of 5 Day Power of Positivity Challenge

Welcome to Day 3 of the 5 Day

Power of Positivity Challenge.

Today’s challenge is about unplugging from the negative and replugging into the positive.

Everywhere we go; we can watch, read or interact with whatever we want, using wifi, internet, cell phones, laptops and apps.  The negative is constantly hammering our environment.

What does unplugging from negative and replugging into positive mean?

When making a few changes with what you watch, listen to, read and how you interact with others by removing the negative influences. This can transform the mind from cynical notions to favorable intentions.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. ~ Willie Nelson

A positive mind gives you encouraging thoughts, which then creates an amazing life.

How do you unplug from the negative and replug into the positive?

  • Each day turn off all the electronics for at least a half hour and spend some quality time with yourself (me-time) or with others (spouse, family or friends)
  • Trade watching the news and change it up with listening to some soft uplifting music or an inspiring podcast
  • Recite daily positive affirmations

Sometimes you have to disconnect to stay connected. Remember the old days when you had eye contact during a conversation? When everyone wasn’t looking down at a device in their hands? We’ve become so focused on that tiny screen that we forget the big picture, the people right in front of us. ~ Regina Brett

Day 3 challenge is to turn off all the electronics for at least a half each day.  Remove negative influences and replace them with inspiring ones.  Recite daily affirmations to encourage a positive outlook.

Share your experiences in the “leave a reply” below. I would love to see your comments and maybe it will inspire others as well! ❤️

Today’s Positive Affirmations:

I am free from negativity and I surround myself with positivity!

I choose to schedule time to unplug each day!

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5 Day Power of Positivity Challenge ~ November 5-9, 2018


Come and join me for the  5 ~ Day Power of Positivity Challenge starting November 5th 2018 through November 9th 2018.

This challenge will ignite positivity within you. This is especially for you; if you are struggling with negative surroundings, or difficult circumstances, or want to add some extra positivity in your daily work and personal life.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. ~ Richard Bach

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The Cheerful Greeter – He Does Make A Difference!

Recently I went to a doctor appointment, I checked in and went to the waiting room.  My name was called to come and see the doctor, the young man who called my name was smiling.  He greeted me with enthusiasm, said welcome and I hope you are having a great day.  He was beaming.  It was a pleasure to see someone so positive and excited about their job.  He was kind and radiated that kindness.  He walked me to the room and asked me if I wanted some water.  This was a heart hospital and some of the people there were very ill.  Fortunately, I am healthy and my tests results came back very good. 🙂

Having a kind and positive person greet you when you are not sure about your health situation is amazing.  I watched how this gentleman greeted others and made them feel valued.  Even when they were in excruciating pain, they smiled back at him.

Quote ~ “Be the reason someone smiles today.” ~ Unknown

Wouldn’t it be amazing, if all places had a greeter like this young man?  The world would definitely be a happier place. One person at a time can make a difference. ~ Patti

Would love to see your thoughts, comments and your experiences on this subject.  Comments are always welcome and please share this post with your colleagues, friends, and family on your social networks! Sharing is caring.

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