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Sunset Broken Wide Open

We all have times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed. We all have challenges and struggles which take us to the point of no return. There are times when things happen that we have no control over. How we face those challenges is vital to our wellbeing.

What have you done in the past to calm those moments of uncertainty?

Here are some tips:

Spend time in self-reflection, meditation, and prayer.

 Exercising, taking a walk outside to get some fresh air and sunshine, journaling, talking with a friend, playing your pet, participating in a hobby, or listening to uplifting music; these methods may be a great way to relieve those overwhelming thoughts.

  • What methods will you use in the future to calm your thoughts when you get overwhelmed?
  • When do you feel most at peace?
  • What keeps you going when things get difficult?

As time continues to move on, remember each day is a new beginning to start over and make positive changes. ~Patti 🙂

I would love to see your thoughts on how you deal with being overwhelm.

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