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Leaving a LEGACY

What kind of LEGACY do you want to leave behind?

Leaving a LEGACY

What is a legacy?  According to Webster dictionary it means the following:

:  a gift by will especially of money or other personal property or bequest
:  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past
The biggest question we should be asking ourselves is “What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?”
I ponder this question and looked back at my life.  The happy times, the sad times, the tough times and the peaceful times.  I asked myself, “Did I make a difference?”  Was I a good spouse, parent, daughter, friend, co-worker or leader?  Sometimes yes and sometimes not.   Did I learn from each experience?  Definitely, and could I have done better?  Absolutely!
Questions to ponder:
How do you want people to remember you?
What kinds of accomplishments do you want to achieve?
What precious moments would you like your family members and friends to reminisce about you?
  • That you helped people when they needed you?
  • As a good parent, spouse, friend, family member or person?
  • You were happy and accomplished your goals and aspirations?
  • You made a difference and contributed to this world in a positive way?
  • You were fulfilled with your life and most of your actions?
What changes would you like to make to attain a better legacy?
There is still time to change your course in life and live the life you want!  I know these are very deep questions, but it is time to look at your life and make changes so you can accomplish the legacy you want to leave behind.
Are there changes to be made in your attitude towards family, friends, co-workers by showing respect, kindness, compassion, and gentleness?  Maybe realizing we are all different and we look at things in our own way.  Are we too busy complaining and whining instead of coming up with solutions to make things better around us?  Are there apologies which may need to be said towards those we offended or hurt?  Or give forgiveness towards those whom hurt us?
The next big question is “What do you want to do about it?”
Be inspired, be happy and sometimes we ought to let go of what is making us unhappy.  Chalk it up to a learning experience, move on, let go, and learn from it.  Like the old saying goes:  Sometimes people come into our lives to teach us a lesson; something we teach others.  Which one are you?
I would love to see your comments and thoughts on what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. ~ Patti
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Judging and Assuming the Worst in Others

Judging and Assuming the Worst in Others

Why do some people look for the worst or negative in others or in situations?  Why do people assume you are judging them?  Why are people so quick to point out their opinions and interrupt you when you are talking?  Or express such harsh points of view that are not even close to the truth instead of listening and assuming the worst.  Why are some so quick to judge instead of being open and listen to the other person to explain the situation?  Why don’t people talk to each other instead of behind the other persons back?  Why has this concept become acceptable?  What happened to compassion, integrity and respect of others?  Why do people feel the need to gossip and create drama everywhere they go?  Why are some people just so mean?  Why is there so much hostility towards one another?

What happen to kindness, patience and truthfulness?

How can we change this behavior in our personal lives and work environment?  I think one person at a time not getting sucked into this conduct by walking away or stating I’m not going to participate in this activity anymore.

Why would we want discord and upheaval in our lives?  We should want to encourage others to follow their dreams and aspirations?  When people are complacent they sometimes become miserable and angry with their situation and take it out on others.  It is time to change this demeanor and be pleasant to each other by listening and having some empathy?  How about it? Let’s live our lives with joy instead of distress! 🙂 ~ Patti

What are your thoughts?

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Free your mind from negativity. Start moving towards joyfulness, calmness and happiness by pursuing your dreams, aspirations, goals, and purpose in life.

Some of the answers may come from demonstrating these feelings and actions:

  • Be thankful
  • Compassionate
  • Forgiving
  • Loving
  • Good listener
  • Being open to new ideas and concepts


1.  Do you think by displaying these feelings towards others they will be more caring and kind towards you? 

2. Do you think by illustrating these actions you will experience peace, joy and happiness in your life?

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