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Playcation – It’s Time To Plan It and Do It!

It’s officially summer. The weather is changing to enjoy outdoor adventures. It’s time to start planning and going on vacation activities. Scheduling it on the calendar is the first step to make it happen. After that, the time is blocked out, and work will not occur.

For some planning, a vacation can be overwhelming. Booking the flight, lodging, activities, rent a car, or not renting a car, etc. Staying local and pursuing fun, entertainment, and recreation may be a good option.

What is a playcation?  Here is my explanation of a playcation as doing something fun and enjoyable on vacation. I recommend blocking out and scheduling specific enjoyable activities to do physically while getting some fresh air and sunlight. Maybe it is golfing, parasailing, snorkeling, zip-lining, water skiing, camping, hiking, getting the body moving, and so much more.

What has been your bucket list or what I call adventure list that you always wanted to do? If you don’t have an adventure list, it’s time to make one. Making an adventure list will help you plan future adventures and playcations.

I started making an adventure list by each state in two notebooks; as I see something on TV, Facebook, Pinterest, or hear about it from someone to visit and do that activity, I will write it in the books. If I don’t have the books with me, I put them on my phone in notes and then later write them in the book under that state.

As you begin to plan a playcation, take out your adventure list. I find this is a great motivation tool to experience something new a different and inspire me to do it.

How about making an adventure list and putting it into action?

I would love to hear or see your adventure list. Become carefree and just do it. Let the adventure begin!

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