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The Feelings Of Being Alone As A Manager or Supervisor

I have recently been watching the entire TV Series “Alone.” This show is about ten survival experts put in a remote area at least 10 miles away from each other to fend for themselves with ten survival items, some clothes, and live off the land. The survivalist who stays the longest wins 500,000 dollars. In season 7, if a participant lasts 100 days, they will receive 1 million dollars. 

It is interesting to follow each participant on their journey of living alone and isolated how they cope with surviving from dealing with emotional, physical, and mental challenges along the way.  

What is their breaking point? What keeps them going out there when they could easily hit a button and go home? The reasons they are there in the first place and how that goal changes once they experienced their time alone and the hardship they endure. 

How this life lesson changed their life forever in ways, they never thought it would. The time they spent in self-reflection about what matters.

To see their struggles, whether physical, mental, or emotionally, can bring you to tears. How excited and thankful they get for catching a fish or trapping an animal in a snare. Each day is about trying to hold on and not give up.  

Sometimes, this is how it feels for managers and supervisors dealing with the daily grind “ALONE.”  Trying to hold it together each day—the pressure of being squeezed from top to bottom trying to survive the criticism and actions of yourself and others and being judged for every decision made or not made. Every day walking into the office can be the breaking point of success or ruin.  

Employees worried about layoffs, unreasonable workload demands, meetings that don’t amount too much, expectations of successfully managing the chaos each day, and ridiculous emails to answer—trying to work or lead your team without any emotions. 

Feeling emotions are natural, and if you don’t have any, what happened?

When did the career strip you of all humanity?

The Alone series teaches us there is so much more to life than boatloads of money, fame, and a demanding career that requires attention 24/7 and eventually leads to burnout, overwhelm, health problems, and anxiety.

The life lessons learned from the show to be grateful, love deeply, cherish the peacefulness, enjoy life to the fullest, and go home and spend time with your family and friends. 

I would love to hear your thoughts as a manager or supervisor while surviving the daily grind.

If you are struggling with the daily grind how about hiring a leadership, life, or career coach like me to help you work through the daily challenges, and continue moving forward to where you want to be with your life.

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How Can Reiki Sessions Help Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, and Inspire Problem-Solving?

As a Leadership, Work-Life Balance Coach, and Reiki Practitioner, I want to help managers and supervisors reduce their overwhelm, stress, anxiety, overload before burnout or health issues occur. Bring some peace and tranquility into their chaotic lives.

Reiki is a powerful practice to help with relaxation, stress-relief, lower anxiety, and overworked mind chatter. Spending time relaxing and letting go of the week’s overloaded and complicated tasks. A Reiki session can make all the difference from keeping you balanced and your mind in peace and harmony so you can be more productive and calm during those stressful moments at work and home.  

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation, which also promotes healing. Reiki’s performed through touch, or hands are hovering over someone or from a distance. Warm and soothing energy flows from the practitioner’s hands into the recipient, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. 

It’s easy to neglect yourself when your career demands 24/7 access to you, however taking time out makes life more enjoyable for you, your staff, friends, and the family. You are a much more stable personality when you take some me-time. Also, when you are relaxed, your mind has time to rest. When your mind relaxes, it has time to rejuvenate; that’s when good ideas and problem-solving happen.

How about having a Distant Reiki Session? Click on the “Schedule Now” Button and choose either a 30-minute Distant Reiki Session or a 60-minute – Distant Reiki Session.

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How To Conquer The “What If’s” Syndrome Of Hiring

It is time to hire – A valuable team member who has taken another position, and it is time to start the hiring process for their job. You think you won’t be able to find someone else who could bring as much value to the workplace or be a nightmare of “The What If’s.”

As a Manager, hiring can be challenging and stressful at the same time. Thoughts run through your head of “The What if’s.”

What if’s – I choose the wrong person for the position. They have interviewed well and know what to say, but they are not coachable or have a toxic attitude towards customers, coworkers, and me when they come in.

Yes, hiring someone may be stressful for you, your team, and the interviewee. Wanting to make the right decision can at times overtake you. Relax, pause and take time to clear your mind to reason. You don’t have to make the final decision in one day. List the pros and cons of the top two candidates. What did they communicate from the interview and resume (CV), and what strengths does the team want and need from the potential candidate to make the team unit more substantial and more efficient? What expertise does this candidate bring that can help the team succeed.

Things to consider in the hiring process:

  • Have a least one team member in the first interview. 
  • How about bringing back the two top candidates for a second interview and have them interact with your team. 
  • Have team members go over the job duties and show them an average day on the job. Candidates feel at ease when with a team member and may open up more.
  • After their interaction with the candidate, have them meet with you again informally to ask questions they may have. Putting this into action will tell you a lot the more relaxed they are and get more of a feel of their personality.
  • Later after the top two candidates have come back for the second interview and met with staff, ask the staff what their thoughts are. Remember they have to work with this person. Their opinions are priceless because they could save a lot of damage to you and the team in the end, and this is where trust and honesty come into play. Do they feel comfortable telling you how they think? Do they feel safe to express their opinions? 
  • Now you have the ultimate decision and are responsible for it. If you have communicated well with your team, and understand that and respect your decision. Your employees need to know that you appreciate their feedback and respect their perspectives. 
  • Some employees may feel more comfortable giving feedback privately, and sometimes the team may want a group meeting to share their thoughts with you. That is where you know you have a team that cares about the job and the work environment and you as their leader.

If you are blessed to have this hiring practice and employees honest feedback, it is rare in a workplace. As a manager or supervisor, you want to strive for this kind of teamwork and work environment.

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When Did You Become So Jaded at Work?

Do you remember the days when you were excited to get up and go to work? You loved having this career and learning new things. You lit up the office with your enthusiasm. You were like a sponge; you soaked up all the knowledge you could get. 

When did everything at work change from excitement to dread?

Was it a slow fade over time?

How did it happen?

What changed in you, and you started to dread going into the office?

When did your job tasks become mundane?

I think we all have been here at some time or another with a job position. We want something more challenging and exciting if you feel like this; maybe it is time for a new direction in your career path. 

How is your attitude at work affecting those around you and yourself?   

You know what you want and what you don’t want. What is holding you in a job that you feel bored and on the road to nowhere? 

What could make you feel alive again with your work situation? 

Reflect on all these questions and think about what are some solutions for you? You know something needs to give, but the only way it will change is if you put it into action.  

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Does my work bring value to you and others? If you enjoyed this blog post, how about sharing a cup of coffee with me

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Making difficult choices as a Manager or Supervisor

There are many days when a Supervisor has to make difficult choices. These choices can cause upheaval in the workplace. When making difficult decisions, sit down and reflect on how this change will affect your business, clients, team members, or work area. Write out a list of why this is a good idea and the pros and the cons.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How will I implement it?

How will I deliver the news?

How will I explain my decision and why?

Who is going to take on the change and make sure it succeeds?

What is going to be needed to make this work?

By spending some time reflecting on the decision, will give you the confidence you need to implement a plan of action. With a plan of action, you are more likely to succeed. You will be prepared to handle questions and concerns, which will help make the transition much smoother. ~ Patti