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Self-Care to Improve Health and Wellness


A few weeks ago I wrote about life changing subjects to consider incorporating this year in the blog post It is a New Year.  The tenth key action step is working on Self-Care to Improve Health and Wellness.

What is Self-Care?  

Self-care is any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Why is self-care so important?

Self-care is important for your physical well being, mental state, nourishing your soul and is just good for your overall health in general. Without self-care you and your relationships with others can suffer.

Here are some tips to incorporate Self-Care:

  • Eat healthy meals
  • Drinking plenty of water daily
  • Get enough sleep ~ a reasonable guideline for most people should be between 7-10 hours of sleep per night.
  • Doing some kind of exercise for at least 20 minutes daily
  • Get medical and dental check ups
  • Reduce stress ~ relax, pray, mediate, listen to relaxing music, color, journal,  be creative, participate in a hobby, make a vision board, go outdoors and take a hike or walk, take up a sports activity, go for a ride on a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Listen to audio tapes, read a book, read a magazine, do a word search puzzle or watch a movie
  • Practice gratitude
  • Set healthy and functional boundaries; do not over book yourself and be comfortable to saying no
  • Spend quality time with good friends, your spouse/partner, your children and your pets

By adding a few of these tips it will help you stay balanced and less stressed overall.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What is your favorite activity to relax?

Which one of these tips will you try first?

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10 thoughts on “Self-Care to Improve Health and Wellness

  1. As for me, I see myself not really taking care of myself very much. I have and others around me have seen the effects. I need to work on pretty much all of the tips, but need to start somewhere. I need to work on my stress. I’m starting to, but there is so much more I can do. Gotta start somewhere, and the one that can cause the most damage should be the first to fix. Thanks Patti for the reminders.

  2. I know that I need to figure out how to reduce my stress levels, as two weeks ago I was diagnosed with tension headaches. I know when they started – when more stress was added onto an already stressful situation. It’s my body’s way of saying no more.

    I am hoping that as the situation improves, my stress levels will decrease.

    I am trying to spend more time relaxing, but it’s not coming to me very easily.

  3. Hi,
    Finding ways to relax and relieve stress is important. I hope some of these suggestions I listed will help. Find at least one that you enjoy and make it a priority in your day. Please let me know how you are doing and what is working for you. Thank you for sharing. Patti 🙂

  4. Great Suggestions I have just moved house am really enjoying just listening to the birds in my garden other than that I like the bliss feeling of deep relaxation when I meditate

  5. Hi, Roland
    It is important to take that first step. When will you start? How will you set your goal?
    I use a Fitbit to track my steps per day and I set a goal. It keeps me accountable as well as my good friend and daughter who challenge me. Please keep me updated on your progress. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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