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Day 28 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ Life STRUGGLES

Day 28 of 30

Life struggles

We all have life struggles.  How do we keep positive and optimistic when everything around us is falling apart?  That is a good question.  Having a good support system is a necessity.  Being able to talk to a neutral party about the struggles and/or journal about those feelings is the key.  Taking it out on others close to you just makes things worse in the end.  It can cause relationship damage that may not be fixable.  People won’t come around due to the past hurts.  Hurting people hurt others if they don’t stop the cycle of acting out and gossiping.  Hurtful words sting and are remembered.  It can cause major trust issues.  Trust is hard to get back once shattered.  When experiencing ugly emotions journal about them to release the negativity.  Then it is private and not upsetting to those around you.  It only takes one pessimistic mean person to start a ripple and turn a calm peaceful environment into an unfriendly place.  Do you want to be that venomous person that alters the atmosphere around you?  At one time or another we have been this person, it is time to really reflect and STOP the pattern of negativity.  Life is meant to be enjoyable not toxic.  It would be great to see your thoughts and comments on this topic. ~ Patti

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