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[Poll] The Value of Sharing “What You Do” with Your Children


Take this quick poll before reading the blog post.  “Do You Share What You Do For A Living With Your Children”?


I am not sure how you answered the poll, however let’s talk about why there is value in sharing what you do with your children.

Developing a career path is a life long process, it usually starts in childhood and continues along with different choices, opportunities, on-going learning and achieving more and more experience.  Most people decided on their careers when they were children.  Parental engagement and involvement were key factors in influencing the child on pursuing their dream career, values and work ethic.  Having positive and encouraging conversations with your children about your own career decisions is very valuable to them.

Talk with your children about your career story: 

Start with your first job.  

How you prepared or not prepared in high school and/or college with your career choices.

Talk about your networking connections, clubs, courses etc. 

Discuss about the people who shaped you during your career; such as bosses, co-workers, mentors, coaches and etc.

Tell about your good choices and bad choices that influenced your career.  

Discuss “What you would do differently”.

The amount of time you spend sharing and encouraging your children will open up their minds to think about what type of career they want and start working towards a plan of action to achieve it.  It is important for children to discover their own strengths and interests. Have them try out as many different kinds of tasks and jobs to see what they like and don’t like.  This will help them make a better decision on what career path to pursue.

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Quiz – Is Your Job Too Stressful?

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A good LEADER create LEADERS in others!

Follow the Leader

What is a good leader?  How does a good leader create leaders in others?  Those are great questions to ponder.

What is a good leader to me?

A good leader listens even when they don’t agree and has the ability to explain their outlook and why.  Has a talented way to give constructive feedback without deflating the employee.  Hold others accountable for their actions and hold themselves accountable, as well.

The ability to communicate the strategic plan and goals for the future of the team.  Motivate and encourage team members to obtain these goals with leadership and team building skills.

A good leader is trustworthy, honest, ethical, loyal, dedicated and dependable.  They coach, mentor and respect their employees and want them to succeed within their organization.  They are upfront about difficult uncomfortable situations and the subordinates are not guessing or assuming what they really meant.  These are a few traits I believe makes a good leader.

How does a good leader create leaders in others?

A good leader meets with their employees one on one to discuss personal development.  The supervisor and staff member create an action plan with goals and training courses.  Through coaching, mentoring, a career development plan and leading with a proven successful manner, the employee will be on a career path of purpose.  It is up to the individual to pursue their dreams and aspirations to be a good leader.  Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good coach, leader or person in your life to assist you along the way. Having a good leader to follow is priceless. Just think, what possibilities could be in the workplace if everyone was a good leader.  ~ Patti

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Quiz – Is Your Job Too Stressful?

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Day 28 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ Life STRUGGLES

Day 28 of 30

Life struggles

We all have life struggles.  How do we keep positive and optimistic when everything around us is falling apart?  That is a good question.  Having a good support system is a necessity.  Being able to talk to a neutral party about the struggles and/or journal about those feelings is the key.  Taking it out on others close to you just makes things worse in the end.  It can cause relationship damage that may not be fixable.  People won’t come around due to the past hurts.  Hurting people hurt others if they don’t stop the cycle of acting out and gossiping.  Hurtful words sting and are remembered.  It can cause major trust issues.  Trust is hard to get back once shattered.  When experiencing ugly emotions journal about them to release the negativity.  Then it is private and not upsetting to those around you.  It only takes one pessimistic mean person to start a ripple and turn a calm peaceful environment into an unfriendly place.  Do you want to be that venomous person that alters the atmosphere around you?  At one time or another we have been this person, it is time to really reflect and STOP the pattern of negativity.  Life is meant to be enjoyable not toxic.  It would be great to see your thoughts and comments on this topic. ~ Patti

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Day 20 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ TRUST

Day 20


How do you build trust with others?  This is a question that is truly personal and viewed differently with each individual. Life experiences shape us on how we trust others.  Trust is like any relationship it takes time to form and requires commitment.  What does trust mean to you?  Why is trust so important to all relationships whether it is a spouse, partner, parent, child, friend, co-worker or your boss?

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