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The Hazardous Results of the Inflexible Leader

The Hazardous Results of the Inflexible Leader

Today, I am going to discuss the leadership style of an inflexible boss. These types of personalities are unapproachable at work and home. Any kind of change is not welcome or encouraged. Working with this type of leader stifles innovation and creativity while leaving employees feeling resentful and unmotivated.

What is an inflexible leader?

The inflexible boss is arrogant, distant, unreasonable, and unapproachable. They are closed-minded to any changes and will not listen to any new ideas, consider different options or new technology. The inflexible boss promotes fear over staff to ensure they follow their ways of doing things.

Characteristics of this type to leadership style:

    • Punishes for not doing things their way
    • Their way or the highway
    • Don’t listen or open to any suggestions
    • Always right
    • Strictly by the book/procedures
    • Favorite phrase – We’ve always done it this way
    • Never says sorry
    • Lacks empathy
    • Jumps to a conclusion before gathering all the facts

Suppose you recognize inflexible leaders in your organization or within yourself. Here are a few tips to encourage behavioral change in this leadership style.

  • Sit down with them and discuss the behavior you have observed, and explain that it is essential to be open to new ways this helps the company to succeed.
  • Ask questions, give feedback on their management style, and suggestions on how to improve engagement with staff.
  • Schedule change management courses – or
  • Schedule emotional intelligence courses
  • Schedule leadership training courses –
  • Schedule interpersonal communication courses –
  • Schedule conflict resolution courses –
  • Schedule constructive criticism courses –
  • Please give them a mentor who is a successful leader.
  • Hire a leadership coach to help them succeed like me
  • Becoming a Better Leader [e-Book] Click here to download your copy.


A good leader will let employees try new and different ways of doing processes, especially if the current approach isn’t working or becoming mundane. Listening is essential to know what is working and what is not. Being approachable and welcoming is the first step to building trust and hearing what people are feeling and new ideas.

If yes, How did you feel working for them?

What were the obstacles and how did you deal with it?

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  1. I’m always amazed how many inflexible bosses there are, usually overloaded with ego! In the self employment world it’s extremely difficult to deal with, when your job is not secure. Thank you for sharing such great tips.

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