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12 Days of Inspiration ~ A Joyous Balanced Life ~ Day 7~ Change Your Outlook and Change Your World

12 Days of Inspiration ~ A Joyous Balanced Life

Day 7 ~ Change Your Outlook and Change Your World

Do you know someone who seems to always have something great happening to them? Everything comes to them with ease.  They are well-liked, and good things fall at their feet.  Why do you think that is?  What characteristics do they have?  Are they happy? Are they kind?  Do they speak well about others?  Do they have a good attitude towards life in general?

Today’s inspiration is about,  how changing your outlook changes your world.   What are the benefits of being more grateful, thankful, light-hearted, friendly, kind and positive?  Well, here are some good reasons!

  1. Positive thinking attracts good things to you.
  2. A positive outlook creates meaningful relationships.
  3. Being positive decreases depression and anxiety.
  4. Positive thoughts increase motivation, inspiration and creativity.
  5. Being positive improves the immune system.

After reading these reasons, why are we not more positive?  This is a good question to ponder.  Why is being critical, mean, sarcastic and judgmental the norm?  Why not be happy and supportive of others?  What if more people were kind, helpful, and supportive?   Would this change the world for the better?  Would people return the kindness back more willingly?  It takes one person at a time to make this change.  What about you?  Are you ready to change your outlook and change your world?

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~ Winston Churchill

The Takeaway:
Having a positive outlook increases motivation, creativity, better health, improves relationships and makes the world a better place.

Self Reflection:
How am I creating more positivity in my life?

Today’s Affirmation:
Positive thinking is changing me for the better!

Comments are always welcome, please feel free to share your thoughts about change your outlook and change your world

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