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Breaking Bad Work Habits at Work


Bad habits in the workplace are everywhere.  None of us are perfect and we all have done at least one, some, or all on the list below.  A bad habit at work can damage career opportunities.  It is now time to become aware of them and stop doing them.

Here is a list of bad habits:

Tardiness – Arriving to work late, taking too long for breaks and lunches.



A Negative Attitude


Lack of Enthusiasm

Lack of Motivation

Resisting Change

Being Disorganized

Lack of Manners

Interrupting People While Talking and/or Talking Over Them




Putting People Down

Talking Down to People

Lack of Listening

Isolating Yourself – Not a Team Player

Not Carrying Your Share of the Workload – Avoiding to Work

Being Unproductive ~ not doing the job; examples: surfing the internet, social media, purchasing stuff on-line, abusing personal cell phone by texting and/or on personal phone calls instead of working.

How to Break Bad Work Habits:

  • Identify
  • Recognize and decide to stop
  • Replace the bad habits with doing something positive

If your bad habit is tardiness, start showing up to work earlier.  If your bad habit is gossiping, stop and walk away when others start.  If your bad habit is unproductive, put your cell phone away and check it at break and lunch time.

Take away:

Have the desire and commitment to stop.  Think about what options you have to replace the bad habit.  Put it into action.  Start with one bad habit and conquer it.  Then move onto the next with confidence and perseverance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What is your list of bad habits?

Which one will you stop and replace first?

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