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Customer Service Week: Appreciating Employees

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This week is Customer Service Week.  How will you be showing appreciation towards your employees which are the face of your business?  As a leader it is important to show appreciation toward your employees and not just during “Customer Service Week” but throughout the year.

Here are some good reasons why to reflect gratitude and appreciation towards staff:

  • They have the most interaction with the customers.
  • If employees have a bad attitude and treat customers horribly.  Customers will not purchase your product, services or even come back.
  • Employees are the face of the company and reflect company values.
  • How staff interact with customers is the key for a successful business.

Here is a Scenario of Great Customer Service:

Regular customers like coming into a restaurant not just because of the delicious food.  Customers come back most of the time because of the excellent customer service and how they were treated.  When a customer feels welcome, acknowledge and treated special they will continually come back.  They will choose your restaurant because it makes them feel satisfied and valued.

The same goes for an employees.  When they feel valued and are treated well. The employees will continue to want to come into work, share their talents and make suggestions on how to make the business better.  The staff will belong to the organization.

Take Away:

Treat your employees as what they are doing is making a difference.  When employees feel valued they will give their best effort towards the job.  Being a good leader is a reflection of excellent staff.

I would love to see your comments about what you did to show your appreciation towards staff and what was their reaction.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more Patti, I think boosting staff morale and appraisals should be an integral part of any businesses ethos

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