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My Amazing Experience at the Blended Blogging Conference 2016 Recap

Barn at the Windmill Winery

In September of 2016 I attended the 2 days Blended Conference; an Arizona’s Premier Blogging Conference.  This was my first time ever attending a blogging conference. I didn’t know what to except; but it was an amazing experience. The conference took place at the Windmill Winery in Florence, Arizona.  What a beautiful venue.  The red barn was where most of the conference was held. Inside the barn the table settings had beautiful flowers and the lighting throughout the barn was absolutely breath taking.






Even outside of the barn it was decorated beautifully.

Some of the Food and Drinks at the Conference:







The food and beverages were delicious at the conference.

What I learned from the Conference Speakers:

The conference speakers shared their expertise and gave us a wealth of information to take back to put into action.  I took loads of hand written notes during the two days.  I learned so much about blogging, pricing, affiliate marketing, printables, and being a upstander.  The definition of upstander at the conference was “be a person you would like to work with”.

During breaks between sessions we had time to walk around the beautiful garden paths taking photos and participating in the scavenger hunt.

Here are some photos of the scavenger hunt items:


Farm Tractor                                             Stained Glass Window


Chess Board                                             Fire Pit



Selfie in the garden                                 Windmill

The scavenger hunt was a blast looking for the different items on the list around the winery.


Another exciting thing is I won this beautiful bracelet from Origami Owl ~  This really made the conference even more special.  Inside the bracelet there is a Typewriter, the outline of the State of Arizona and the word Blog.

The Wine Tasting Adventure:

One of the activities I chose to do was the wine tasting.  The wine tasting was a lot of fun.  My favorite wine is called Pomegranate Wine.


Mac and Harold from the Windmill Winery and me.



The best part of the conference was making new friends!

Kim Hanna (Left) Ann Odle (middle) me (right)

Kim & Ann’s website blogs (Kim) & (Ann)

And a special thank you to Wendy O’Neal @ Around My Family Table for putting together the wonderful blogging conference.




















14 thoughts on “My Amazing Experience at the Blended Blogging Conference 2016 Recap

  1. Patti thank you so much for sharing. It definitely sounds like you had a lovely time. I enjoyed looking at the pictures, learning about the event, and I will definitely keep in mind that great piece of advice: “be a person you would like to work with”.

  2. Hi, Liliana “Be a person you would like to work with” really is a great piece of advice. Sometimes we get caught up with what is happening around us and forget to be a person we would like to work with. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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