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Overcommitting: How to Say No!



How do we truly have a balanced life?  Between running a business or having a demanding career, family time, volunteering, hobbies, and all other promised commitments.  We do get pulled in many different directions and at times it can bring to us to our breaking point. Being overwhelmed can create the appearance that someone wants you to do something for them and you are already overbooked and can’t do one more thing.  Yeah, it is hard not to lose oneself with everyone else’s needs and wants however saying no is the best option.


What are the signs it is time to say no?

  • You feel stress and panic
  • You don’t want to do it
  • It is not something you enjoy
  • You can’t get what you already promised completed in the timeframes promised
  • You feel if you say no to that person they won’t like you
  • It can be delegated to someone else who would enjoy doing it
  • It is going to take you away from other obligations and will it cause friction at home

Do any of these statements describe your situation?  If yes, are you ready to start saying no?

Isn’t it time to start really enjoying life and having time for what you really want in life?

If, yes how will you set those boundaries and stop overcommitting?

Take one step at a time and say no to things you don’t have time for or that you don’t want to do.  When you start saying no, it will feel uncomfortable at first however you will be set free to enjoy being you.  ~ Patti 🙂

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