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Everything matters when pursuing goals!

Every thought, action, decision, process, step, attitude, risk, experience, idea, challenge, struggle, reason, motivation, desire, energy, mindset, journey, and relationship will either move you towards or away from your goal.

When setting a goal here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I really want it?

Why do I want it?

What does this goal mean to me?

Am I willing to put my everything into this goal and make sacrifices to obtain it?

What obstacles may I face?

How will I overcome them?

What will my life be like when I have achieved this goal?

Having a positive attitude really does matter when pursuing your goal.  It gives you confidence to keep going.  Staying focused on the goal keeps you wanting it.  Being prepared there may be obstacles and having a plan to remove them with strategies works towards success of accomplishing the goal.

Write down on paper your goal, these questions from above with your answers.  Reflect on them daily.  This will help keep you inspired and focused on accomplishing your goal.  Your thoughts are the key to your success.  Keep yourself focused, motivated, inspired and watch your goal become a reality. ~ Patti

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2 thoughts on “Everything matters when pursuing goals!

  1. Definitely Why do you want it? So many make life goals based on the wrong reasons so don’t achieve or when they get it, they realise that’s not what they really wanted.

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