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This job is killing me… What to do?


This job is killing me… What to do?

Have you ever had days at work when you think….. I just can’t do this anymore?  You are at your breaking point.  If one more thing happens, I am going to walk out that door and never look back.

You may go home:

Slam things around

Go on a cleaning frenzy

Grab the biggest bottle of alcohol to escape

Yell at your spouse

Become a constant complainer and whiner

Turn on the TV and not move or speak for hours

Over indulge in the comfort of food

This isn’t you and you don’t like it!   You are not alone.  I think everyone has possibly experienced something similar at least once in their life.

If this is how you are feeling; do you think it may be time to really self-reflect on what you truly want in a career and in your life?

  • What happened to get you to this point of complete frustration and exhaustion?
  • Is it constant changes at work?
  • It is a co-worker?
  • It is your boss?
  • Is it you?
  • Is it the challenges you face daily that never seem to end?
  • Is it the absence of updated technology to do your job efficiently?
  • Is it the desire of being heard?
  • Is it the lack of positive recognition or feedback for everything you do at work?
  • Is it about not getting a promotion?
  • Is it the co-worker who doesn’t do anything all day, while you are covering their work load?
  • Okay, I know the list could go on and on……..

Is it time to make a shift before this job really does kills you?

You really do have options.  You are not stuck!  You can make a change for the better.  You are not totally helpless.  Things can get better.

What to consider:

Should I stay or go?

Make a list of “why to stay” and “why to go”.  Be upfront and honest and no holding back from the truth of the matter!

What’s keeping me here?

Are there other options?

If, so what are they?

  • A Transfer within the company?
  • Start job hunting?
  • Hire a career coach?
  • Go back to school and learn something new?
  • Retirement?

After making and reviewing the list to “stay or go”.  What did this list say you?

All you have to do is know where you’re going.  The answers will come to you of their own accord. ~ Earl Nightingale 

Don’t stay in a job you truly hate because of fear, anxiety, doubt; take a leap of faith towards a new work life journey.  Once you make the right decision for you, this feeling of dread, anguish and heavy burden will be lifted.  You will become your happy pleasant self again.  Isn’t it time to do the right thing for you before it is too late?


There is something better for me!

I deserve better!

I will find what I am looking for!

Comments are always welcome, please feel free to share your thoughts about your work experiences.

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3 thoughts on “This job is killing me… What to do?

  1. it is sure unhealthy to stay in a place that is draining your energy, sometimes one feels like one has no other options, your blog post is very helpful and I wish everyone a joyful job experience

  2. Hi Patti – I really like the question about other options – too often we can get stuck thinking we have just 2 options (stay or go)… Sian

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