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Making a Career Journal



What is a Career Journal?

A Career Journal is keeping track of career goals, action steps, certifications, accomplishments, achievements, and references all in one area.

What’s the Purpose of a Career Journal:

A career journal is a great way to be organized and focused with a career path in mind.

What’s in a Career Journal:

  • To brainstorm career goals and ideas
  • Keep track of career progress
  • Lessons learned
  • Coaching strategies
  • Advice from mentors
  • A private place to vent career disappointments
  • To keep positive affirmations and quotes
  • To gain a new perspective
  • Resume, cover letters, interview tips, interview questions, thank you letters, recommendations, references and certifications
  • Mission statement and values
  • Develop a career action plan
  • To keep motivated and inspired
  • To celebrate the small successes

How to Get Started:

  • Get a larger binder; put all your career paperwork and ideas into it
  • Then decide if you want to put all your information into a computer document, on-line journal, a book journal, or a binder
  • Organize by categories
  • Add to your career journal regularly
  • Keep it in a secure place

Self-Reflection Questions for Career Journal:

  • What did I learn?
  • What did I accomplish?
  • Did I receive any compliments?  If so, what was it and who said it?
  • How did I make a difference?
  • Did I have any setbacks and how did it affect me?

Take Away:

Having a career journal will keep you organized and focused on your career goals as well as helping you be ready for the next career opportunity.

When are you going to start a career journal?  

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