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How to Facilitate a Killer Job Interview as the Interviewer


When a position comes open as a supervisor you want to pick the best candidate.  Someone who will work well with your team members and be a great asset for the company.  It may be tedious looking through all the resumes received, however this is a very important step to find the right person for the job.  Take your time reading, reviewing and knowing what qualities you want in a candidate.  After you have reviewed the resumes, it is time to start preparing to interview.

The Preparation Before the Interview:

  • Prepare your interview questions and have them reviewed by the Human Resources Department.
  • Choose a date, times and location for the interviews.
  • Choose a good location to conduct the interviews where there is no interruptions.
  • Call or email candidates to set up the interview times.
  • Ensure to give yourself enough time between each interview.

How to Conduct the Interview:

  • Have a friendly approach when introducing yourself to the candidates.  Smile.
  • Have an introduction and description prepared about the job position.
  • Have the candidates resume in front of you.
  • Maintain good eye contact and watch your body language.
  • Ask opened questions.
  • Listen to the candidates. Don’t interrupt them in mid-sentence.
  • Take notes during the interview to remember key points.
  • Allow the candidates time to ask you questions.  You can learn a lot about the candidates from the questions they ask.

Once you have interviewed all the candidates it is time to pick the top two candidates for consideration.  Make sure you get references from the candidates and call them.  This is a very important part of the hiring process.  Have some questions drafted to ask the candidates references.  Invite the top candidate back for a second casual interview.  This is more relaxed and you can get another perspective of the candidate as well as have the team meet the potential employee.  Get feedback from your team, they have to work with this person and you want to make sure this person is the right fit for your team and the company.

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4 thoughts on “How to Facilitate a Killer Job Interview as the Interviewer

  1. Great post. It’s so important for interviewers to be prepared and to make the interview a two-way conversation, after all you’ve got to sell the job and company to the candidate too. In my recruitment days i always made sure i put the candidate at ease, i knew i’d never get to know more about them if they felt they were being interrogated!

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