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The Practice of Journaling

The Journal

A few weeks ago I wrote about life changing subjects to consider incorporating into ourselves this year in the blog post It is a New Year.  The sixth key action step is working on the practice of journaling.

Choose a time to journal daily.  It can be when you get up in the morning, on your lunch time or before going to sleep.  You may use the questions from this website or just self-reflect about your day. Journaling can open up your mind to change and help inspire you to pursue your dreams, aspirations and goals.

Journaling allows you to alter your thoughts which block you from achieving your goals.  We all need someplace to think and rejuvenate.  Are you taking time for you?   Would scheduling some time help?  Is this something to consider for creating balance in your life?  If you don’t have a place, imagine where to find one?  It could be anywhere you feel at peace.  Why not consider journaling and let me know how it made a difference in your life.  ~ Patti

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