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Acknowledging and Thanking Others

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Acknowledging and Thanking Others

Three weeks ago I wrote about life changing subjects to consider incorporating into ourselves this year in the blog post It is a New Year.  The second key action step was acknowledging and thanking others in our daily life.

Why is this important in our life?  I feel there is not enough kindness, thankfulness and acknowledging each other in this world today.  A lot of people are so focused on climbing the corporate ladder or only into their own wants and needs they tend to forget about what is really important in life.  Their relationships with others.

Who is going to remember how you climbed up that corporate ladder other than the people you abused and manipulated along the way?  Is that how you want to be remembered?  Are you going to have anyone who truly cares about you when you are no longer at the top and forced to retire?

What lives did you wreck to get there?   Where you really happy alone at the top?   Did you make people’s lives miserable.  Do you really trust anyone?   Are you always watching your back because you are afraid someone will betray you or even worse take your job?  What did you truly gain?  Did you really have anyone who truly loved you or did they just use you for your status?  Where are they now?

Something to think about:
When I was a new Supervisor my Manager and I were talking about leadership.  She was telling me about her career path and how important it is to treat your employees respectfully because someday they could be your boss.  I really appreciated her sharing this with me because you never know who will be your leader and relationships are the key to success.

The song “Lying Eyes” by the legendary band the “Eagles” is a good reflection of having it all but still it was not enough.

Maybe it is time to do some self-reflection before it is too late.

  • How do you treat others as a leader, co-worker, friend, parent, partner or spouse?
  • Are you really paying attention on what is happening around you?
  • Are you too busy dealing with work and clawing your way to the top?
  • What really truly matters in life?  Example: Your job or your family?
  • How do you speak to others?  Example:  Is it demanding or polite?
  • When was the last time you really had a good laugh with someone?
  • Or truly had a good conversation with someone and really listened to them?
  • When was the last time you gave your full attention to someone instead of on your iPad or iPhone?
  • When was the last time you actually said something nice about a colleague or your boss?

If these questions hit a nerve.  It may be time to do some more self-reflecting.  I know it hit a nerve with me.

  • When did you lose the interpersonal skills?
  • What made you become hard and cold?
  • Where is the old you?  The fun, loving, caring, and adventurous person?
  • What do you truly want in life?
  • Are you where you want to be?

This week I would like all the readers of this blog post to truly self-reflect on these questions.  Which questions were hard for you to look at within yourself?

My challenge for you this week is to compliment, acknowledge, recognize or praise someone in your life at work and at home.  Then really reflect on it.

  • Did it change the environment around you?  Was it more enjoyable?
  • What was the reaction you saw?  Did you see a smile?  Did you smile?
  • Did it make a difference to that person?
  • Did it make a difference in you?

My wish is this blog post will inspire more joy, peace and better working relationships in your daily life. ~ Patti

Feel free to share your thoughts or your answers to the questions below in the “Leave a Reply” box.

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