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Where is your Tranquility?

Where is your Tranquility

Where is your Tranquility?

I was sitting out in my garden patio.  It was so peaceful.  I love looking at the plants, flowers and my little round pond.  The patio has a grape vine over the top of it and this provides shade for the plants and the inside of the patio.  The vine gives just enough light for the plants and the right amount of shade so they don’t burn in the hot Arizona sun.  My garden patio is my calm and tranquil place.  I journal and self reflect there.  It is my happy space.

  • Do you have a place where you go to unwind?
  • Is this place calm and relaxing to you?
  • If so, how often do you take advantage of this space? Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually
  • If you don’t, “Why not?”

We all need someplace to think and rejuvenate.  Are you taking time for you?   Would scheduling some time help?  Is this something to consider for creating balance in your life?  If you don’t have a place, imagine where to find one?  It could be anywhere you feel at peace.  Why not consider this and let me know how it made a difference in your life.  I just love my garden patio and it creates tranquility in my life!  How about you?  ~Patti

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