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In this fast pace world some of us do not take the time to smell the roses.  We are on the go from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.  We get up in the morning and the first thing is the coffee pot.  Just to drag yourself out of bed.  Even on the weekends there are endless things that need to be completed.  If you have children you are on the go to games and practices.  When do you take the time to rest?

Taking time to recharge and relax is essential.  If you don’t you are headed for major burnout.  Then what?  What good are you for your family and job?  What can you do to incorporate time in your life for relaxation and to recharge?

Watch a sunset with your family?

Go for a bike ride or hike?

Sit for an hour and read a good book?

Being creative here are some ideas:  Painting, scrapbooking, journaling, writing, gardening, golfing, building something and sitting in the garden watching the birds or butterflies.  Do whatever you truly enjoy which relaxes you and creates some peace and joy in your life.

By recharging and taking some time for you, it will help make you a better person to be around.  What is stopping you?   It is time to enjoy spring time and get outdoors and enjoy it.

Would love to see your thoughts and fun ways that you like to relax and recharge. ~ Patti

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